Saturday, June 14, 2008

25: The Thank Yous

Hey hey so thanks again to all who wished me happy birthday. The phone calls, voicemails, texts, and, wall post were all wonderful. You guys rock my socks. Well basically, the night before I hit the Ihop with Josie, then caught a midnight showing of The Incredible Hulk (which was incredible haha) Woke up, went to work, got taken out to lunch, finished work, hit the comic book store, bought a graphic novel entitled Cross Bronx. Jp and Jax came by, I got the new N*E*R*D cd, Seeing Sounds. We finished helping my dad build the roof on his work shed. Went to Chili's by Chicago I mean WESTFIELD (lame) and judging by the photo below, you can tell how the service went. So yeah, I'm another year older. And I am so grateful for you. So here's some thank you videos that are really bad and oh so crappy. The frame work is something out of a UWE BOLL movie haha JK.

Much <3,


Video Thank You Pt. 1

Video Thank You Pt. 2

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