Sunday, May 04, 2008

Review: Iron Man

Yeah, he can fly. So I'm sure you already know that Iron Man kicked ass at the box office and it's well deserved. It's a very fun and action packed movie. The movie really didn't have a bad thing going for it. I can't really nit pick because overall it's a great piece of film. The best part of the movie to me is it's humor. Downey Jr. gives a great performance. Terrence Howard is awesome ALL THE TIME and Gwyneth Paltrow was great too. She actually looks really really hot as a red head to me. And to quote a line from "Forgetting Sarah Marshal", "Nice hair, I wonder if the carpet matches the pubes." LOL

The bonus scene at the end is worth waiting for. "Iron Man and the Avengers" anyone? Also we got the Hulk trailer, TDK trailer 2, and Indy 4 trailer 2 as well. It was awesome. We also got some crap about Adam Sandler as some Israeli counter terrorist named Zohan and you don't mess with him....PASS.

Anyways, Iron Man is really good. REALLY good. Worth multiple viewings...and Downey Jr. OWNS. You should check him out in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and The Singing Detective.