Thursday, April 17, 2008

A long drive and some thrilling news.....

Man oh man, for work today I had to drive out to Valparaiso, Indiana for a photo shoot at the Von Tobel hardware store there. It was about an hour and 35 minutes each way. I was super pooped and my ass hurt from sitting in that truck for so long. Well, good news is that next week I'll be starting my job as a full time employee. I won't be working there part time anymore, which is awesome! So I'm pretty happy that they decided to bump me up. Anyways I didn't have any new sketches to show you but I did finish up a piece thats on my deviant art right now:

Thriller by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Click to enjoy! I bought the Thriller 25th Anniversary cd/dvd set a couple months ago and did this sketch but I only got around to coloring and posting it up now.

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