Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Feel like chattin'?

"Hey there spider friends!", that was my Stan Lee impression.

Soooo it's been a while but I thought I'd get back into blogging. No joke though I've been really busy and occupied that I hadn't gotten a chance to do much posting at all. However, I'd say things are pretty great with me right now so I can't really complain all that much. Just kind of bummed I haven't been keep you posted on my daily going ons. But it IS a SKETCH blog so what do you care! Just kidding, don't leave...yet.

What's been going on? Hmmm well, work's going well and I'm getting to know my co-workers more and more and socializing outside of work is different but in a good way because it's like I'm a grown up...WEIRD.

Yesterday I had like one of the best days EVER! I went to the gym and then afterwards I hit up the library with Skye because she had to return a book. Afterwards we walked back to her house and woke Ghea up. Then we went to PGN because they're driving range was open so I asked the girls if they wanted to come with me. I got to use the driver I bought last winter...FINALLY! It was actually really fun and I hit some long distance balls. I still don't know if it's feet or yardage you measure by. Anyone know? Well I hit one ball a little bit past the 200 sign.

After that, we played some ticket games and we pooled them to about 101 tickets which made it a pretty good PGN outing. Well, they had this Deal or No Deal arcade game where you pick the suitcases and stuff and instead of winning cash you win tickets and as we were leaving this dude hit the jackpot and picked a suitcase with 400+ tickets in it. It was crazy...some lucky guy is walking away with that Hannah Montana poster. HAHA I say that because the guys playing were like in their 30s wearing business suits and all the prizes are kind of you know typical kid shit. It's not like you ACTUALLY won cash...but whatever made these guys happy. Wait...why were they there on a Monday?

After that, Skye said she felt like Pizza so we went to Pizza Hut..to DINE IN...seriously who does that..we do. "THROWBACK" right Kj?!

We had a Dinner for Three meal which came with salads and Skye and Geebo made fun of me because I wanted "honey mustard" as my salad dressing.

It went like this:

Waitress: "What kind of dressing do you want on your salad?"

Skye: "umm Ranch."

Ghea: "Ranch."


Ghea & Skye: "?!?HAHAHA..so random!"


So yeah that was my Monday. The days before were pretty cool. My co-worker had a house warming party on Saturday it was fun, we played some Cranium and catch-phrase till he wee hours. I didn't get home til like 1am...woah oh party animal...not.

Sunday was Van Damme night. It was hilarious. Before that though, I went to brunch with Jp, Jax, and the Zeps at this restaurant called, "Simons". I had the spinach-feta omelette. And for those of you keeping score, its been 4 months since I hadn't had red or white meat.

Van Damme night was hilarious like always and I got there early enough to play some Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with Eric. It was so fun. Eric's mom made us dinner, spanish rice and ham. However I just ate the rice and salad. Jeff, E, Hodge, and I watched the Shepherd and it was so funny and well the movie's a Van Damme movie so it was all kinds of awesome. I was suggesting we make a podcast/commentary for all his movies...and put it on iTunes. All the shit that comes out of everyone's mouth just gets people rolling on the floor laughing. We love Van Damme.

That was my weekend in a nutshell...well not really a nutshell more like a long ass post disguised as a nutshell.

And a bit of randomness since it IS a sketch blog here's a bunch of stuff I did at work just small doodles here and there when I get a chance...enjoy! I'm pretty fond of the pineapple head dude in the Hawaii shirt and shorts haha.

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