Monday, April 14, 2008

Everything MUST go! Jay must buy!?

So yeah...right quick (haha). The other day I noticed that the local Hollywood Video had a bunch of "going out of business" and "everything must go" signs taped up on their windows. Today, after work, I decided to see if I can find any gems for real cheap. A lot of the stuff I was under 10 dollars!!!!! And some we're newer releases too. I ended up walking away with Junebug, Martian Child, Duck Season, The Eye 2, and A Tale of Two Sisters. The last two will come in handy for the next Japkor event..which I'm totally naming "Jap4" or "Japfor". I've only seen Martian Child and a Tale of Two Sisters but that was a while ago. The other's I'm anxious to watch because I hope I didn't pick up any crappers. OH! Tomorrow Juno comes out. Boss.

My night was pretty good I walked out with some movies and John and I went to Jalisco's for dinner it was awesome because they had some really good nachos (no meat!). After that, we went to the Cas Girls' house because Geebo picked John to be her confirmation sponsor. (que "awww"). Came home finally around 10 and then talked with Pops for a while. It's almost 2am I have work tomorrow and I just threw in another load of laundry. Busy busy busy day...and I don't normally work on Mondays but they had asked me to come in. See if I wasn't workin' I would've spent ALL day at that damn video store. Praise jeebus! I'm outie 5000.

P.S. - Here's some sketches and doodles I did recently:

P.S.S. - I'm really digging drawing that pineapple head guy. I think I'm gonna fit him in a Hawaiian shirt and some sandals while he hangs loose with his big 10 surf board. (I don't know if that actually made sense but it sounds fancy).

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