Thursday, March 27, 2008

Japkor 2008

Hey hey folks, another small but awesome update for yours truly. Well my cousin, Lanie, has been on spring break this week and one of the first things she wanted to do was hang out with me! (YEsssss) haha. So it was time once again for our film fest known as "Japkor". It's called Japkor because it's a play on the words japanese, korean, and horror. Which is the type of movie's we watch.

I normally don't watch horror movies because I think the genre sucks. I don't mind asian horror films because they're way better and scarier then american horror films. I don't really watch a lot of them and I really only watch them whenever we have a Japkor. Anyways we watched two movies: Juon 2, and The Red Shoes. Red Shoes wasn't as good but Juon 2 (I already saw it hehe) made Lanie... ok me too...crap our pants. It was awesome. So, we had a good time. I snapped some photos and played around in photo shop and did some doodles here and there based on the movies. ENJOY!

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