Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A couple of stoners at work...

Whats up fellas and chickas?

Not much more to report really. Been working and getting some stuff ready for "book 2". I had another creative fart the other night and it's kind of evolved into a new book idea as well. So, my brains thinking creatively for the most part. The Oscars are this Sunday...I'm looking forward to it because I got invited to an Oscar party with some of the people at work. There's also a guy taking Oscar polls kind of like a March Madness or Superbowl square type of dealio. Put some money down etc etc. Should be pretty fun. I hope I win! haha

Speaking of work, I'v been listening to Kev and Mosier's SMODcast the past month and's some of the funniest shit I've ever heard so I was listening to SMODcast 26: Beware the Hobo. I did a quick sketch of everyone's famous stoner duo. *snootch.

Oh, I also rented a bunch of movies from blockbuster the past two days. BUT I'm too lazy to post up any reviews. I'll just list them:


Someone to Eat Cheese With
Rocket Science


Lust Caution (the R-Rated version not the sexciting erotic Nc-17 one haha)
Assasination of Jesse James...
Margot At The Wedding

yeah yeah I know some weird choices but I highly recommend Rocket Science. It's the bees knees...

Heres that drawing I promised!

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