Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sweeney Todd

So I listened to the Sweeney Todd soundtrack at work today. I did a quick sketch or our man Johnny and brought it into Photoshop when I got home today. Ch ch check it out. If you haven't seen or heard Sweeney Todd, I suggest you should. It's B to the A.


So I heard the Hulk is red now or there's a red Hulk. I don't follow comic story lines well but here's a sketch I did at work. Enjoy!

Black Snake Moan

Here's some fan art for a very underrated movie. If you haven't seen it and are in the mood for something a little weird, I recommend watching this gem. It's pretty cool. Anyways this is the main character Rae...who ends up getting chained up by Samuel Jackson. Sounds intriguing? Go rent it to find out why!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vampires day!

I don't know it was a weird today I kept drawing vampires...then my cousin told me maybe it was because 30 Days Of Night came out on dvd today. But I drew these BEFORE she told me that and it didn't dawn on me til later. I don't know, it's a day for the vamps today. Well not much more to write I've been quite busy actually and haven't had time to post anything new. I've been wanting to read some books I picked up a couple days ago but I never quite fit them into my busy schedule of facebookin' and myspacin' on the internet. Well I've been slowly gathering stuff for "Book Too" and been writing a new story as well. I'd say the whole jugglin' of things upon things as kept me busy because I don't know what to do first. Ahhhhh

Oh well.Well that's all for now, I'll post more this weekend hopefully. I gotta have SOMETHING to blog about. :P

- j.ay

P.S. - anyone catch the Oscars? Go Diablo! Poor Johnny...I think that dude deserved it, even though he lost he was still a cool BAMF about it and just all around chill.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A couple of stoners at work...

Whats up fellas and chickas?

Not much more to report really. Been working and getting some stuff ready for "book 2". I had another creative fart the other night and it's kind of evolved into a new book idea as well. So, my brains thinking creatively for the most part. The Oscars are this Sunday...I'm looking forward to it because I got invited to an Oscar party with some of the people at work. There's also a guy taking Oscar polls kind of like a March Madness or Superbowl square type of dealio. Put some money down etc etc. Should be pretty fun. I hope I win! haha

Speaking of work, I'v been listening to Kev and Mosier's SMODcast the past month and's some of the funniest shit I've ever heard so I was listening to SMODcast 26: Beware the Hobo. I did a quick sketch of everyone's famous stoner duo. *snootch.

Oh, I also rented a bunch of movies from blockbuster the past two days. BUT I'm too lazy to post up any reviews. I'll just list them:


Someone to Eat Cheese With
Rocket Science


Lust Caution (the R-Rated version not the sexciting erotic Nc-17 one haha)
Assasination of Jesse James...
Margot At The Wedding

yeah yeah I know some weird choices but I highly recommend Rocket Science. It's the bees knees...

Heres that drawing I promised!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Blue Fairy

Not much to post for today. I did this sketch of a totally rad punk fairy at work. I'm going to start reading World War Z today. I look forward to an enjoyable read. I need to read more. Why not start with Zombies. L8R


So yesterday (14th) was Valentine's Day, thought I'd throw up some "themed" sketches. Hope people got Valentine's and or some hot sexin'. HA

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Smoking is COOL!

Well, I don't smoke but these cats seem to think it's cool. I don't know, drawing people who smoke seems to make my crappy drawings more bad ass. I don't know how many time's I've drawn a character and then just added a cigarette in their hand or an effect of blowing smoke out their mouth.

It's a weird obsession and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Maybe I draw people smoking because I don't do it so I'm compelled to have my characters smoke.

Either way I was sketching at work and this was the result.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day Promo!

UPDATE 02.12.08


I'ts been brought to my attention that the "code" for the discount isn't working and I've contacted the site. Apparently it only works if you plan on buying 50+ books. It's one of those quantity discounts. So disregard the last email. Sorry for that inconvenience.

~ Justin

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Part time lover and a full time friend...

Why not, one more post? I recently finished this piece of Paulie Bleeker from the movie, Juno. Bleek is played to perfection by the great Michael Cera.

Go devil, some web-heads, and a Touchdown!

So after the Super Bowl weekend, not much is going down. I still continue to get positive feed back on the book. It's back to work today. Some co-workers had a Fat Tuesday party and I got some Mardi gras beads! Yay dude, Jay gone wild haha.

Anyways I've been having a lot of fun playing with black marker and doodling on downtime. Check it out! We have Daredevil, Spidey, Venom, and Travis Touchdown. If you don't know who Travis Touchdown is, he's the "hero" from the bloody-good video game, No More Heroes. It's really fun and FINALLY a Wii game I can get into. Bring on the blood geysers!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

506: News, SModcast, and The Rocketeer

So a lot has happened since I last posted. The big big big news is that my very first children's book, "When I Was Little ...", is now available for purchase! So when you get a chance head on over there and pick up a copy. Also, be sure to check out the "When I Was Little..." blog spot. Other then that, work's been good and so has the word of mouth on the book. I'm still drawing and still watching movies, and still being a dork. As I was posting I noticed this will be my 506th post on this blog! Holy blog posting Batman. In other recent news, I downloaded all the SModcasts on to my jPood. (that's the clever name I've given my iPod) If you don't know what SModcast is, it's a podcast where uber-producer Scott Mosier and that other guy, haha :P jk, just catch up and pretty much shoot the shit for about 45 minutes. If you like hearing stories and just bullshitting about whatever, you'll never be bored. Definitely makes the work day that more entertaining. Anyways, I was listening to one today at work about the ending of the Harry Potter series.

Soooo yeah I know what happens at the end of the books even though I was waiting to find out what happens in the movies and I'm super super super late with the "spoilers" since the books been out and every "Pot-head" has read it and already knows. As for me, I DID want to know eventually but ah well, at least I know what to expect and I won't be disappointed. After I heard what happens to all the characters, it makes me want to pick up the books and read them from the beginning because it sounds like a lot of plot points and character stories are resolved so well in a way that you have that comforting notion like, "man that was a a great series and I'm glad it ended the way it did. " Also, hearing Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith talk about Harry Potter had me rolling and busting a gut. They are some seriously funny cats.

I noticed this has been a long rant about whatever and I haven't posted any art recently so, I did ink out this groovy Rocketeer in my sketchbook. I noticed some of the art blogs I've been on he's been popping up and he's a really well designed character and the movie's pretty kick ass but I haven't seen it in a long time. The whole point of this pic was to eventually put in Iron Man shooting out a photon beam from his hand and like the Rocketeer's dodging it with his awesomeness but I didn't take it that far and I felt like NOT drawing Iron Man. So if his pose is kinda whakadoo, that's the reason why. ENJOY!! And as Scott and Kevin would say, "Have a week".