Friday, October 03, 2008


So they're releasing a 10th Anniversary Complete Series of the Powerpuff Girls is coming out on DVD. All I can say is "BA". Powerpuff Girls was created by the great Genndy Tartakovsky who is also responsible for Dexter's Laboratory and the amazing Samurai Jack. Some quick Powerpuff sketches for ya. That is all today. Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

So the weekend consisted of Sushi, My Best Friend's Girl, and an Office mini-thon. We (Josie, Ni, and myself) went out for Josie's 25th Bday (which is actually 2morrow). We had dinner at this Sushi restaurant, Niu Japanese Fusion Lounge. SOOooooo good.

Afterward, we hit up the AMC next door and watched Dane Cook's latest attempt at film, My Best Friend's Girl. (There pick not mine) BUT surprisingly enough I enjoyed the film. It was like if Dane Cook was doing stand up and they just built this movie around his punch lines. So based on that you'll either think it's utter shit, flat out awesome, or mildy awesome and not THAT shitty. I thought it was mildly awesome and not THAT shitty. Jason Biggs was kind of a throw away character. He was more like a device to introduce the two main characters. Alec Baldwin was genius. The ending was weak sauce and the "romantic" element took a backseat when you were watching Dane be the "hired" asshole. (best segments of the film.) It was pretty vulgar and that's how Dane's stand up is. So I'm gonna assume this is his funniest movie since I haven't seen Employee of the Month or Good Luck Chuck because those are PG-13 and Dane's type of comedy is funnier with the profanity. So if you're a fan of the SuFi you'll probably mildy enjoy this film. It got me to laugh.

Yesterday I finished up some new inks and colored new pages. Later in the evening my friend, Nicole stopped by and we finished off the 2nd season of The Office and got a couple episodes in of the 3rd. She's been wanting to get into the series so for the past couple of weeks we've been having these mini-thons starting from the beginning up to season 4. Also, this entire weekend I've been watching Desperate Housewives season 4 since like Friday. I'm about halfway through. I've realized that with the exception of pretty much NBC's Thursday night lineup and a few shows on ABC, I only watch TV on dvd. It's SO much better because you dont have to wait week after week. You can watch a block of episodes while folding laundry or working on the PC...just have it on the background. All I do is just draw and watch TV or listen to podcasts. It's awesome. The premiere of Desperate Housewives season 5 was last night and I'm probably not gonna watch that season until it's out on the DViDs. I've been good at not finding out what happens because I just avoid reading the tv guide or the spoilers online.

Today I slept in a little, hit the gym, and getting into some work, took a break and thought I'd update this thing. Oh check this out:
Summer movie season is over and as you can tell...I was busy. The superhero movies totally dominated this year. I took an "artsy" photo but there's about 30+ tickets in there. Some are repeats since I've seen Dark Knight 5x. Maybe a 6th? heh.


Womanly gestures...

Drawing the chicas for fun. They are pretty loose but good practice in posing the body. Man I miss life drawing.

Weekend update possibly tomorrow.

- j

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weekend wrap up, here comes Fall.

So the big thing I did over the weekend was watch the Chicago Fire take on Dallas? (I forget)

We were celebrating my friend's birthday which happened to be in June and her sister got us tickets. So I went with Josie, Nini (the birthday girl), and her family. It was fun although the Chicago Fire lost 4-1...*Sigh. I did take some groovy pictures which I'm absolutely lazy to put up at the moment. AND my ugly mug got put up on the jumbo tron was weird.

After the game, we went to The Patio. I know what you're thinking a vegetarian in a rib place?! That's ok they had a grilled veggie sandwich which was tasty. I vegged the rest of the weekend like a champion.

This past Monday marks the beginning of Fall, which happens to be my favorite season. I did these Fall themed doodles the other day. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The weekend so far...

Last night I went to Ihop with Josie.

Came home watched Speed Racer it looks good on DVD but I'm sure it looks
"jizz my pants" good on gotta save up for one of those.

Lanie called.

Said my good nights and went to bed.

Snoozed it until about 7:45am. I had work today, I got out early.

Stopped by Ridge Mall to check out the new comic book store....meh.

Came home and watched Made of Honor, which was actually pretty funny.

John and Jax came to visit.

I went to get my hair did...there was crazy hot girl who cut my hair today. *mental note (haircuts every saturday at 4pm heh)

Came home and watched yet ANOTHER chick flick, Waitress with Keri Russel and that Firefly guy. A damn fine movie worth your time.

Finished reading Take Back Your Family: A Challenge to America's Parents by Rev Run and Justine Simmons.

Here's some more marker quickies I did earlier in the week.

Listening to Graduation, coloring next page, and updating the blog.

Tomorrow's the fire game with Jo and the Follosos! Until next time!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Drawing the Joker.

Here's a little project I did yesterday. Since I saw Heath's portrayal as the clown prince of crime I've been wanting to draw a picture of him in full make-up. After I finished the pencils, I scanned it into Photshop and slapped some more texture and color on it.

You can see the final product here.


Not too much going on this weekend. It was rainy all weekend except Sunday. I worked Saturday and ran some errands and then caught a late show of the Coen Bros' new flick, Burn After Reading. It was a funny movie. I'd recommend it if you're into Coen Bros films like Raising Arizona and the Big Lebowski. Nothing really happens in the movie, there is some kind of plot but I think thats what they were going for you know, let's stick some idiots in the world of spy espionage.

Anyways, here's some art stuff I did last week. It's a bunch of weird forest fairy tale stuff. The one of the weird troll thing kind of looks like Walter Matthau. hehe.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marker scribbles and what I've been up to...

Hey all,

It's been way too long. I haven't been up to much, just working a lot on my book projects and at my photo job. I'm planning to hit this children's book thing full force and I've been doing the research and gettin' the knowledge so hopefully I can make some big moves with it. Wish me luck.

I saw the movie, Hamlet 2, on Monday. If you don't remember it was pretty rainy and definitely a stay at home kind of day. However, that's all I usually do so I went out to catch a flick. It was really funny and I must say it's not for everyone but it was just an odd ball movie. The performances were uneven and so was the writing but I think that was it's intention. Basically it's about a failed actor who decides to teach drama at a high school and in this year's coming term, the student administration decides to cancel drama. So with the approval of his kid critic, he decides to write the best play ever in order to "save" drama as an elective at the high school.

Hilarity ensues.

Out of the three people that saw it with me, only two of the them laughed. I think I was laughing the most though. The movie is funniest in its last act when they actually put on the play. I don't think a lot of people I know would find it funny but I tend to like these off the wall type of comedies. I especially loved the genius casting of Elisabeth Shue as...Elisabeth Shue.

Stuff I've Bought

Well seeing how I've been busy buying shit for my art studio, I haven't bought dvds/cds in the last two or three weeks. Sadly, that has ended because The Office Season 4 came out recently. And yesterday I bought The Forbidden Kingdom and Gym Class Heroes' sophmore effort, The Quilt. I also found out that Kevin Smith plans on only releasing a supplemental to Chasing Amy's Criterion Collection DVD instead of doing a whole Chasing Amy X set like he did with Mallrats and the original Clerks. So knowing this, I went out and picked up Chasing Amy since I've been wanting to watch it for weeks and I never owned.

Then I drew stuff

About the drawings, I played around with a black marker at work the other day and whipped up some loose sketches. I did one of Venom and Eric Draven. Hope you digs....yeah yeah ALL that talking for two lil doodles. "SHUT YO YAPP!"

Thursday, August 28, 2008


SO I was busy at work today. (haha) I was in a cartoony kind of mood and started sketching animals. Some of them turned out kind of demented, cute, and some are kinda ?uestionable. I kept them real loose and playful. Either way, keep sketchin'.

- j

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Introducing Joss Stone

Hi all,

I finally got a chance to get this scanned. I would've scanned it at my home but I would've had to piece it together so I took it to work and scanned it using a big German scanner...haha.

Well I bought an 11x14 sketch book a long time ago because I wanted to draw a lot of celebrity portraits and big comic pieces. This is the first...and so far, only one I've done in it. Here's the original photo:

I tried my best hard to replicate beauty like that.

Monday, August 25, 2008

What day is it?

It's actually Tuesday but thats a question I tend to ask during the week now a days. It feels more like a Wednesday to me. I guess thats because My weekend rocked socks and I just lost track of my schedule since I don't work a normal M-F, 9-5. Speaking of Wednesday I did this quick sketch while waiting for time to speed up at work.

Colored version: click here. So I had a really great weekend.

Hit up a bbq with my 'rents at my cousin Jason's house and ate no meat WHOO HOO 7 months strong.

On Sunday I went to the Zoo with my nearest and dearest, WonderMoo!, who is leaving for college this weekend. I miss her already! Afterwards my friend, E, came by and showed me his new HP laptop and we fleshed out some comic book ideas.

Today, I completely redid my room and chucked my bed...(into the garage) and shoved an art/drafting table in it's place. It actually turned out really awesome and now I have a very nice work space to play in. I know I haven't updated in a long time and truth is I've been quite busy with the children's books and work that any "free" time I do get I either sleep or spend socializing because I don't really get out much. But I set aside some time to do this and it ended up being an all day thing. So, I felt like uploading the blog as a way to unwind and get that stamp of "Mission Accomplished". I'll try and post more art and bring you up to speed on what it is I've been actually doing these days. It's just been another crazy summer filled with emotional ups and downs. Well more on that later...maybe.

- j

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finished Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Sunny days....

...sweeping the clouds away on my way to where the air is sweet can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street!

I wore my Sesame Street t-shirt today at work. Man, I love this show. Here's some sketch work I did today, enjoy!

We have Cookie Monster, Oscar The Grouch, and Elmo.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Red and Blue

Here's a couple Hellboy sketches for ya done at work. Enjoy the 4th!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hancock sketches...

Quick sketchness for ya.

I haven't seen the movie yet, I'm really excited to, even though it's getting mixed reviews. I did see Wanted tonight and fuckin' dug it crazy style. Anyways, here's some random Hancock-ness for ya..haha "-cockness" :P

P.S. - "What the fuck have you done lately."

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

You should listen... The Devil And Me.

It's a podcast featuring one of my favorite artists, Skottie Young and his exponentially cool girlfriend, Casey McCauley.

It's a relationship podcast that's really honest, daring, and most of all FUNNY.

Check'em out!

- j

Bring Your Bear To Work Day!

A new Tshirt design I cranked out for Threadless. Go Vote!!

My Submission

- J

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Teaser Trailer

Guess what?!


"Boondocked" and Helljay!

Hey All!!

So I got some funny doodles today...I know it seems lately I've just been drawing me but a lot of the new stuff I've been drawing are geared towards "Book Too" and I'm not at liberty to share all that yet...maybe little snippets. A lil' preview...sometime soon. I promise I'll put something awesome out soon. I haven't even touched my deviant art in a long while because I've been trying to get my projects in motion.

But anyways, I was watching the Boondocks Season 2 (awesome) and I did this sketch of me all "boondocky" like. And the other one is if I were Hellboy...I think I'd be a cool Hellboy, all happy and giving you the thumbs up, but I'd be orange instead of red..hmmm I'm on to something here...

Well, enjoy!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Random Comic-ness

How odd that when I did this Punisher sketch, the next day the trailer for the new flick, Punisher: Warzone debuts on the internets. (pass, I want Tom Jane, who in return, "just wants his kid's back!" (haha)

And I did another Joker face. I really can't wait for this movie anymore. Give me my Dark Knight damnit!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

25: The Thank Yous

Hey hey so thanks again to all who wished me happy birthday. The phone calls, voicemails, texts, and, wall post were all wonderful. You guys rock my socks. Well basically, the night before I hit the Ihop with Josie, then caught a midnight showing of The Incredible Hulk (which was incredible haha) Woke up, went to work, got taken out to lunch, finished work, hit the comic book store, bought a graphic novel entitled Cross Bronx. Jp and Jax came by, I got the new N*E*R*D cd, Seeing Sounds. We finished helping my dad build the roof on his work shed. Went to Chili's by Chicago I mean WESTFIELD (lame) and judging by the photo below, you can tell how the service went. So yeah, I'm another year older. And I am so grateful for you. So here's some thank you videos that are really bad and oh so crappy. The frame work is something out of a UWE BOLL movie haha JK.

Much <3,


Video Thank You Pt. 1

Video Thank You Pt. 2

25: The Photos!

YAY! I'm 25! Even the birthday centipede came to visit Ahhh! LOL.

- j.ay

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random Workness!

Hello all!

So sorry it's been awhile since I have updated with some sketches so I thought I'd throw a few out there for you all to peep! ENJOY!! I plan on updating you guys on everything real soon. Talk about busy busy busy!

- j

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Review: Iron Man

Yeah, he can fly. So I'm sure you already know that Iron Man kicked ass at the box office and it's well deserved. It's a very fun and action packed movie. The movie really didn't have a bad thing going for it. I can't really nit pick because overall it's a great piece of film. The best part of the movie to me is it's humor. Downey Jr. gives a great performance. Terrence Howard is awesome ALL THE TIME and Gwyneth Paltrow was great too. She actually looks really really hot as a red head to me. And to quote a line from "Forgetting Sarah Marshal", "Nice hair, I wonder if the carpet matches the pubes." LOL

The bonus scene at the end is worth waiting for. "Iron Man and the Avengers" anyone? Also we got the Hulk trailer, TDK trailer 2, and Indy 4 trailer 2 as well. It was awesome. We also got some crap about Adam Sandler as some Israeli counter terrorist named Zohan and you don't mess with him....PASS.

Anyways, Iron Man is really good. REALLY good. Worth multiple viewings...and Downey Jr. OWNS. You should check him out in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and The Singing Detective.

Monday, April 28, 2008


You ever sometimes over analyze or over think about just everything. It gets a bit overwhelming. Let go of your worries and doubt...just be.

I think I borrowed this image from FLCL (hehe).

- j

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Head cases and movie lists...

Yeah I had my first full week of work happen. It was pretty good but outside of work it was kind of a crazy week. I don't know it's just been ups and downs. However, I do have some sketches for you and I realized that the best way to take my mind off things is to bury my head in my work. So, I've been sketching a lot, most of the stuff I've been doing I can't really share because it has to do with "Book Too". I do have non-book related drawings and things to show. Also, I went to my local comic book store the other day and felt like spending some moola. Which was really great because they had comic book paper and some good how to draw books available, plus I got paid sooo boner jams to that. So yeah, I did go a little movie crazy last two weeks and I made a list of all the stuff I bought. I'm bad, I know.

Better Luck Tomorrow
The Greatest Game Ever Played
The Life Aquatic
The Savages
How To Eat Fried Worms
Martian Child
Duck Season
Ice Cube the videos Vol. 1
My Kid Could Paint That
Rescue Dawn
The Tv Set A Tale of Two Sisters
The Eye 2
The Prestige
Cloverfield Severance
The Darjeeling Limited

The ones in bold I've seen already. So, as you can see I haven't seen ALL them movies in the world. Geez guys, gimme a break. You said it Nell Carter!

Well the sketch(es) for today are a bunch of head studies I did. I like seeing construction lines in finished pieces it just shows more production and lets the viewer in on the process more. Mike Kunkel's Hero Bear and the Kid is a great example of this.