Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgivin and Weddings....bring on the pounds.

So, I have posted in awhile. Sorry about that. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, I know I did.

Thursday 11.22

So, we had lunch at my Aunt Carol's house (down the blizzock....yeah I just said that.) We all sorta ended up in the master bedroom watching Shrek 3 and taking pictures and goofing off. I think we all ate enough to the point that we were passing out. Around 6pm we went to my house for dinner. My Pops and just driven my mom to work and Jax was watching the Ham. Around 6:30 or so everyone came by with food and we had Thanksgiving dinner at our place. OR COURSE, there was left overs. But hey, it'll be gone within the week.

So we had peeps everywhere. Some upstairs rocking out to GH 3 and most of the boys downstairs playing a lil Halo 3 action:
Night went on til about midnight. Lanie hanged back til about 1am. I knocked out ready for....

The Wedding Friday 11.23

So my cousin Joey got married this weekend and it was a traditional Russian wedding and a traditional Russian reception. Talk about eating, the reception was non stop food. Sushi bar appetizers and then seafood appetizers served, then more hot meals like quail and lamb, then even more stuff like venetian potatoes and eggroll type of food, and then main course wasn't till midnight, followed by ice cream, fruit, AND cake deserts. Of course there was dancing in between, gotta burn off the food we just ate. Whew I was stuffed but it was very interesting and such good times with the cousins. They played the NUMA NUMA song!!! hahaha. But yeah, it was sooooo much fun and I'd go into further detail but it's one of those you had to be there to see it. I mean there sooooo much food there it felt like Thanksgiving: The Sekwell (haha, Lanie)

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