Thursday, November 29, 2007

Movies, Games, Comics...load'em up!

Saturday 11.24

So after the mighty feast of the Russian wedding, John and Jax had made plans to HANG at their Condoodge around 5 for some pizza and just good times! So, I slept in a bit and went to work around 11. After that, I called up Jadda to ask her if her and her sisters needed a ride their. I stopped by a local comic book shop because I needed to buy some layout paper so I can get crackin' on the book. So I stroll in and to MY amazement they don't carry the paper...WTH! But, I did walk away with 3 graphic novels and a tiny crush on the girl who worked the register.

Man she was too cute. Oh oh yeah, back to the comics...I picked up Sidekick Vol. 1, Bastard Samurai Vol. 1, and this very funny book that rips on 80's TV entitled Truth, Justin, and The American Way. (yeah I bought it on the title alone but the story and artwork turned out to be amazing!)

I did this sketch of our bumbling hero, Justin, after I finished reading it:

After that, I headed home and played some Call of Duty 4 on the DS. I packed up a bag with Scattegories, my DS, and Frank's Xbox controllers. Jadda swung by and we headed for John and Jax's place. We got there at about 5:30 after I stopped at a 7 Eleven to pick up some ice. Jade and I were the first ones there followed by the Rems, then Jeff and Serena, then the Lags, Zeps, Cas girls, and Bacs. We ate pizza and played crazy hand clapping games. Then, we played a few rounds of Scattergories and laughed our asses off. John and Belly were clearly the team to beat! We played some Halo 3 until 11-midnight. I took the Cas girls home because Jade left early with her parents. After that, I crashed into bed falling asleep to the special features disc of Live Free, Die Hard.

Sunday 11.25

Vegged the whole day, worked on finishing up some commission work while watching and completely finishing the entire season 3 of Desperate Housewives.

Come Tuesday I'll have picked up Hot Rod, Futurama Vol.1 with Bender's Big Score, and Hot Fuzz 3 Disc. Geez I own way too many DVDS. But, it'll keep me occupied while I either work from home or background ambience

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