Monday, November 05, 2007

Martians, gangsters, and bees OH MY!!

Friday 11.02

Not much to report really but I'll do the short version because it's late and I've been on my comp all day.

  • Saw the AM show of Martian Child with John Cusack. Good movie, I enjoyed it. It might be too sappy for others.
  • Later that night, I saw American Gangster with Jp and Jax. GREAT movie. LONG. Denzel and Crowe were excellent.
Saturday 11.03

  • Woke up and went to work.
  • Finished up work.
  • John and Jax picked me up and we went to Mokena to celebrate her cousin's 21st bday.
  • During the car ride there, I was able to start and finish Powers Vol.10: Cosmic.
  • Ate.
  • Poker.
  • Ate.
  • Played Resistance: Fall of Man on Ps3.
  • Compared Blu-Ray and HDVD.
Sunday 11.04

  • Woke up.
  • Saw that daylight's saving time kicked in.
  • Went back to bed.
  • Woke up and waited for Jazzy.
  • Around 1:30 I took Jazzy, Geebo, and Skye to see Bee Movie.
  • Laughed ass off. GREAT movie...worth multiple viewings.
  • Came back and played Guitar Hero III for like 2 hours with the girls. (Did I mention I bought that?)
  • Zeps came back from watching American Gangster.
  • Got pizza from Lido's.
  • Ate.
  • Everyone eventually left with the Cas Girls leaving around 8pm.
  • Started coloring Reaper drawing.
  • Took a break.
  • Passed out closer to 4am.
Monday 11.05

  • Woke up around 7am.
  • Snooze.
  • Woke up again around 10am.
  • Eventually got up around noon.
  • Decided to work out in the evening instead.
  • Went to the bank.
  • Came back and warmed up some leftovers from the other night.
  • While chowing down I finished watching Better Off Dead. "TWO DOLLARS!"
  • Was on the comp pretty much all day.
  • Worked out @ 5pm.
  • Came back before 7 and showered.
  • Made dinner and watched Chuck.
  • Worked on the comp while Heroes was on.
  • Took a break and watched Journeyman.
  • Finished Reaper drawing closer to midnight.
  • Checked facebook, myspace, threadless, joblo, blogs.
  • Kevin Smith is now my facebook friend. WOOOT
  • Updating blog right now as I listen to Dinner for Five in the bg.

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