Sunday, November 18, 2007

Almost two weeks worth.....

Well, it's been forever and a day (nice Lnk) since I've updated this and I have lots of stuff to say and lots of movies to talk about AND some recent sketch stuff I did. I don't have that many finished pieces to show because I've been really occupied with work and there are a lot of upcoming family things going on. Also, I've been doing more commissions/freelance work lately and I haven't had time to do anything just for fun you know.

So, let's see what can I remember from the last week.

Here are some highlights:

I saw Fred Claus with Jp. It was a really funny movie. There were a lot of adult jokes and scenarios in there that would keep the parents entertained while it's still one of those family christmas holiday feel good movies. It seems like Vince Vaughn ad libbed that entire thing. Paul Giamatti makes a good Santa Claus and there were some surprising cameos and supporting roles in there. If you haven't seen it, check it out. I was rollin'.

I picked up Call of Duty 4 on the DS. Right now, its the best game I own for my DS. It took some time getting used to the controls but they translate really well to the handheld system. The graphics are really awesome and the game itself is super fun. My one problem is that I can pump guys with full clips and they're not dead haha...I think my aiming just sucks.

I also picked up Dane Cook's Rough Around The Edges cd. It's pretty funny and it came with a dvd but I think his Retaliation is funnier. It seems to me he's gotten more dirty and nastier as a comic in that he talks a lot about sex jokes.

Saturday 11.10

I went to this fundraiser dinner raffle thing for my friend's dad. He's one of those Shriners who works with hospitals for children and participates in parades and all that. It was really interesting but fun none the less. I got this cool santa hat made out of balloons hahaha:

Wednesday 11.14

I attended a wake for my friend's mother who passed away unexpectedly that weekend. My condolences go out to Bridgette and her family. May your mother, Rose, rest in peace.

Thursday 11.15

After work, Lanical "ran away" to my house (haha) and we had some din din together. We just hung out as I worked on some stuff and she did her homework. It was fun because I haven't seen her in awhile and we always have a blasty blast. She borrowed my Planet Terror or as she says "Planet of Terror" haha. Love you lanical! After she left, I watched the Thursday night line-up that I taped while she was over. 30 Rock was hilarious, fell asleep watching Scrubs.

Friday 11.16

I went in to work today, they had asked me to come in instead of my usually Saturday which worked out great because I was planning on accompanying Em to ISU to pick up KJ. I went to blockbuster and rented Jackie Chan's The Myth, Trust the Man, starring Evolution alums David Duchovny and Julianne Moore, and Tekkon Kinkreet. I got home and watched The Myth which wasn't too bad for a straight to video Jackie Chan movie. The last half of the movie got kind of overboard with flying around a secret tomb and dead guys that aren't dead and princesses who aren't dead and all this weird liquid metal looking stuff. If you watch it, you'll know what I mean. On a side note, I can't wait for The Forbidden Kingdom I hope it's more crouching tiger and less Wendy Wu....yeah I went there. I played Guitar Hero 3 until Emil came to get me. We ate at Jimmy John's and went to UPS to pick up his camera that he sent in to get fixed...cause some idiot ran down a sand dune with it....GEEZ...haha yeah it was me.

On the way to ISU, I played CoD4 on my DS and listened to music. We chit chatted and at around 10pm we arrived at ISU. Kj made some mac and not in adobo sauce. We got ice cream and came back to chill. Kj went to pack and Em and I watched Chuck and Larry. Well, I managed to stay up till the very end. I think Em passed out right after the Jessica Biel scene. Geez, how many times did I blog about that part HAH.

Saturday 11.17

Woke up and was out the door by 6am. Got back into chi-town by 8:30am just in time for Mass for Frank @ St. Marys. The Rem's and I then went to Huck Finns where I had a not so great Reuben sammich. After that, we headed to the cem to visit Frank and then back to my house. My 'rents were knocked out so they left. After they left, I went to BB and the bullseye. I picked up Shrek 3 and the new Alicia Key's cd, As I Am. It's so good. My favorite track on there is Teenage Love Affair which after first listening to it reminded me of the Jackson 5. It's grooooveeey.

I came back home and listened to the cd while working on some freelance. I ate dinner and watched the movie, Trust the Man. It's like one of those New York romantic comedies. However, the comedic performances were all excellent and it was just really funny. The two leading men in the film, David Duchovny and Billy Crudup, were hilarious in their roles as Tom and Tobey. Tom(Duchovny) is a stay at home dad who wants more sex from her wife (Julianne Moore) and Tobey(Crudup) is her dim witted brother who can't commit to her girlfriend Elaine(Maggie Gyllenhall). Its worth the rent, check it out. After that, I watched last week's episode of Smallville on the TiVo. Went back to my room and fell asleep watching Shrek 3.

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