Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Work Warrior!!!

Saturday 10.13

After waking up and rocking out my Beakman's World science hour, I got dressed and head off to work.

Got home around 4pm, after I've made a stop at Hobby Lobby to get some new non photo blue pencils because the other ones I bought suck. John and Jax we're at the house because Pops needed help with the garage they hung around for a bit before taking off at 6pm. I haven't ate anything yet and I was mostly on my computer all night when I started thinking about going to LaGrange to catch a late show. Just then, I get txt from my friend Nicole asking me what's up. I tell her about my evening plans but possibly staying in and taking in a movie from the comfort of home. I offer if she would interested to come with me if I decide to peep a flick. She happily agrees and I decide to make it a dinner and a movie special. So we meet up at the local IHOP and dine in some late dinner. We decided to watch Across The Universe since it's something we both seemed interested in. I was going to see 3:10 to Yuma but alas I'll have to put that on hold yet again. Maybe later in the week, who knows. I heard mix things about the movie so I'm pretty open minded. After dinner, she leaves her car at my place and I drive up to Woodridge since it's only playing in limited areas. After a gazillion movie trailers we finally take in the flick.

About 2 hours and 10 minutes go by but it feels like eternity. I walk out feeling only half pleased with the flick. My gripe is that the movie's second half takes away too much from the overall plot and has these characters tripping like they're on something for like almost an hour. Brace yourself people, once I Am The Walrus begins singing, you're in for a REALLY long haul. On the drive back, Nicole and I share thoughts about the movie and we both agree it's not worth multiple viewings but if you're interested and brave enough, peep it out. I get home it's late, I sink into bed.

Sunday 10.14

I devoted most of this day to working on personal illustrations/commissions. I was suppose to go and work on the comic book with the crew but again that got pushed back because E had a graduation party to attend last minute and it was for a close friend. Jacy called me and said he wasn't feeling to well anyway so I told him it's cool because Eric wasn't going to make either way.

So with my afternoon shot, that's when I decide to sketching and commissions. As I do this from the comfort of my room (I guess), I suddenly miss the art table my dad had got me a long time ago. The art table I ended up chucking or getting rid of because I never used it and it was clunky and stupid. This all sinks in as I pull up one of those tv dinner type of fold up tables and begin working on some stuff I haven't been able to touch in the last couple days.

I listen to music and leave my trilian running. I get a IM from the Skye. She tells me she made me a keychain with Frank and I doing the powerstance. I tell her that I'm gonna come by and pick it up and drop off the Surf's Up dvd. Geebo and her were the ones that saw Surf's Up with me and it was one of the funniest and better movies to have come out this past summer. She tell's me no worries as she's going to walk by here with Geebo later to drop off the key chain. They come by, quick visit and I decide to take a break from what I was doing and walk back with them. I let her borrow Over The Hedge as well. I show Skye how to do some things like putting up links and adding page elements on our blog. After the quick tutorial, we go outside to see Geebo shooting some hoops. I hang, tell stories, make them laugh, and grab some Caprisun's for the walk back.

I finish the commish @ around 10. I'm not sure if you remember but last time I posted some sketches I did for my friend's nephew. Her nephew, who came up with his own superhero, Wolfman. Ahhh to be young again. After laying down the heavy inks...yes I filled it in by hand and I actually inked over my own lines for once..... I came up with this:

Wolfman commission... by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

So, after I wrap this up, I shoot her a text to let her know I'm all done. She wanted it in time for his bday which is this Wednesday, the 17th.

I finish up High Fidelity and hit the bed and watch 1408.

Monday 10.15

This was probably the most boring of all the days. I pretty much played catch up with my online work ALL DAY. I only took a brief half hour or so to visit Frank with my mom but all I did that day was work on the computer for 9 hours or so. BLAH but I'm pretty much all caught up. WHEW! I kick in to NBC's Monday Night Line up but only really paying attention when Journeyman starts. After that, I dink around the internet till it's like 10. I pop in American Splendor which I bought used at blockbuster for like 2 dollars (what a steal and no real scratches on the disc) and half watch it knocking out around 11.

Tuesday 10.16

Work week begins and it goes surprisingly well and it's my solo week too. I'm not being shadowed or anything because my co-worker is off enjoying the wonderful bliss of being a newly wed. So, I'm kind of nervous about the day because I have to go at it alone but it ends up turning out to be a good day. On my way to the shoot, I rocked out to some Office and then on the way back from the shoot I kicked it gansta with WC's new album. Wow...the joys of being able to drive a car with a cd player in it. I know, get with the times dude, but when my mom bought her amigo which has now become my friend...(get it.....ok then) she didn't bother to get any of the "high tech" stuff, keep in mind this is back in '97...she considers that high tech.

SOoooo yeaaaahh, no cd player in the car but I do have a tape deck! SCORE! I can play that Erasure tape over and over I also had the soundtrack to The Crow on tape but I don't know where I put that. Anyway, all I'm sayin is that it's nice to listen to cd's in a car. I don't have an iPod or anything, not even a cd player with the stupid tape deck thing. Thankfully I don't take my car to these shoots.

I get home like closer to 7:30 because I stopped to get Planet Terror at WalMart on the way back. When I get home, Fred and Auntie Geng are talking with Pops about a ticket they went to contest. After they leave, I get some food and pretty much chill because I'm tired from the day. Lanie calls me around 11 and we end up talking to 1 in the morn. I tell her I have work and I got to hit the bed. As much as the movie fills me with glee, I can't fight it and fall asleep...chuckling as the zombie/soldiers rip Fergie to shreds.

Wednesday 10.17

I wake up and finish Planet Terror before I head off to work. A very long day goes by because I don't have a photo shoot to do. So as I keep myself occupied with work all day, I sketch some sweet head shots of various characters on this yellow pad of paper that was left by my desk. What started out as a tiny doodle of an old lady and Captain America eventually turned into this:

For the most part, they all ended up looking cool but that sketch of Mikey chewing down the slice of 'za rubs me the wrong way. See if you can guess some of the other characters on the page. The guy in the hat, the fat dude with the stash, the lil boy, and the g'ma are all no one in particular.

I finish up, check my voice mail on the way out, and hit the road. I call my friend to see if she still wanted to catch a movie today but the weather's shitty and she doesn't pick up. I leave her a message and make for home. I come home to an empty house so I'm assuming me mums got work. After being on a computer all day, the first thing I do is turn on my PC.....DURH. I play some MOH: Pacific Assault for half an hour or so. I chillax after and call my friend who had me do the commission for her nephew. It's Wednesday and she hasn't gotten back to me yet. She tells me she didn't get any of my text messages and assumed I didn't get to work on the project. So, we make arrangements for either this weekend or next weekend to meet up as she'll take it to him as a late birthday present. I grab some dinner and begin to watch Letter's From Iwo Jima since I haven't really gotten down to watch it. It's subtitled so I can't just have it on in the background while I do other things. I'm enjoying the flick 4o minutes in until I get a txt from Lanie to remind me about an all new Sarah Silverman Project. I quickly put the movie on hold and watch that instead. During the show I text Lanie repeatedly repeating lines from tonights ep that I found hilarious. She calls me a little after it's done and tells me she passed out. We end up chat chitting for the next hour. I begin to update the diary as she says goodnight and hangs up.

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