Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A work related "quickie"....and some other things...

So it's been a really good first week. I like the work that I'm doing so far: color correcting, going on photo shoots, taking photos in house, and all for grocery or hardware related stores. Pretty fun stuff actually.

Monday - was pretty much a short introduction day where I got to know some of the systems and things we use and how we set up the studio for in house shoots of products.

Tuesday - was my first photo shoot where I accompanied Eric, a fellow coworker and the other photographer, to a Garden Fresh Market out in Northbrook. We took photos their of certain items and products that need to go into next week's ads. We came back to the office and worked on all the photos we took that day. Signed off on some paperwork and called it a day. It was also Jackie's bday and I had texted her in the morn' and later that afternoon. I stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up the 1st season of The Sarah Silverman Program. Popped that in later at night after eating din din and watching Reaper. I ended up passing out waking up to...

Wednesday - I did my first in house photo shoot by myself today and was surprised that I picked up the routine for shooting all too quickly. Shelled out some more images, took a lunch break and found a local Wendy's (oh no!) and had me a BLT Salad with a double stack. Came back worked a couple more hours and punched out.

On Monday after I posted my latest threadless effort, I noticed they had a contest up for "The Comebacks" which is a movie spoofing all the great inspirational sports movies of all time. So I started cranking out some ideas in my sketchbook. They're actually really scribbly so I'll just post the final image and stuff when I'm done.

That's all for now, hopefully I can lay out some fresh new shit for you this weekend. Peace.

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