Friday, October 12, 2007

Week 2: Back on the job, movies, and even more movies! It's what I do.

Tuesday 10.9

I wake up around 7am. Snooze it till about 7:45am where I then ACTUALLY get up and hop in the shower. I take my time trying to wake my ass up with hot water. I get out, turn on the PC, and put the tube on in the background listening to music videos. I check email and find it rather boring to be checking the internets so early in the morn. At around 9:30am I head out to work.

Tuesday's shift goes pretty well and I actually end up driving to the photo shoots today. It's a pretty long ass drive from last time I remember. I guess because I wasn't the one driving and I was talking to my co-worker the whole time while Sidekicking. I put in my work time and head home. I contemplate heading to Walmart on my way home but I decide to pass as my tummy grumbles. I get home about 7:00 o' clock and Pops made some chicken fajitas. I set up a plate and check the email and wait for Reaper. I really enjoy this show and I like all the characters so far which brings me to bust out the sketchbook after I eat and lay down some lines for a Reaper fan piece I wanna do.

I end up putting away the sketchbook after the show is over and surf the net for awhile. This is about as far as I got with it. I like it so far and I eventually want to get it inked and colored.

Pops says he got Fantastic Four 2 from Netflix today. I think to myself WHY?! But then I realized I was the one who put it on his queue. I guess I wanted to see if it was any better then the first time I saw it. As I begin watching I remember how totally LAME the movie is. The worst part is the movie version of Galactus where they take this all powerful planet eating being and turn him into the black cloud monster from LOST. Apparently they are gonna make the real Galactus in the Silver Surfer spin-off movie but who wants to see that after watching this? I mean yeah the Surfer stuff was cool but the whole movie was one big giant ad campaign. I mean I get they are celebrities and they even make a joke about the suits looking like nascar outfits but still it's like the movie focused on the Fantastic Four being celebrities and trying to avoid the paparazzi like the celebrities that play them. Then, they quickly throw in a whole "end of the world" scenario and introduce this new character all within the 90 minute time limit. It felt a little rushed and all the "problems" and stuff get resolved to quickly. They could've built up the drama a bit and "grounded" the action. There aren't any cool fight scenes like in the first one where The Thing and Doom throw down. Instead everyone is flying around like it's some top gun movie with superpowers. NOT really impressive. So I get bored with the movie and shut it off and hit the hay.

Wednesday 10.10

I get up for work around the same time and end up finishing FF 2 to kill time. I pop in Surf's Up again. I do some quick Thing and Human Torch doodles in the book before heading off to work.

Another good day of work goes by it felt rather long actually but that's probably because I didn't go on any shoots today. I end up hitting Walmart on the way home and pick up some juice for home. I browse the bins (a favorite pass time for Francis) I pick up Match Point, Surf's Up, and Letters From Iwo Jima. With juice and DVDS in hand, I head back home hoping to catch Pushing Daises another new show of the season that I'm really digging. I spent a little too much time at the Wal because I missed the show becasue I thought it started at 8. So I settle on Bionic Woman. About halfway through the ep, I get bored and put on Surf's Up. This movie is amazing and it was one of my favorite movies of the summer. The cast, animation, fx, and humor are all really really well done. After the flick is over I watch some behind the scenes and find out how they achieved the documentary style they did for the film. They ended up hooking this camera to a motion capture system and in the camera's viewfinder is the animated scene. Follow me? So basically when you look through the camera you see the animation and then it motion captures the movements, zooms, and fx, of the camera. So they animate the scene as normal and then use this camera effect to make it seem like the camera is there in real time and you can go around and zoom in on the scene as you see it. CRAZY right?!

So after Surf's Up, I put in the Seraphim Falls. It's this big chase western starring Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan. I fall asleep in hour in, it was moving kind of slow.

Thursday 10.11

I wake up early and finish Seraphim Falls. After's it ends, I decide it was an ok. I wish it was more of a western with shoot outs instead of the whole chase aspect of it. I did like the flashbacks which shows Neeson's motivation for tracking down Brosnan. Anyway, I head off to work and it was a pretty good day. My co-worker ends up having a short day because he has to pick up his family from O'Hare. They flew in because he's getting married Saturday. So congrats!!!!

After work, I text back and forth with Lanie and Moo because they are suppose to watch the nieces and nephews tonight. I told them I would visit with them since I was at work and missed their dance performance at the H.S. basketball game that same night. I end up beating them there since I was so close and decide to go eat some grub at Wendy's while I wait. I read up on His Boring Ass Life while I chow down on a side salad and a chicken sammich. I get a text from Lanical saying they got in and I load up on Frosty's for the kid's and their baby sitters.

I stop by Lisa's house and ring the bell. No one answers so I stick my head up against the side window and ring the bell again. Moo comes to the door and immediately gets scared and freaked out as my face is up against the glass. Apparently she couldn't see my face because of the way they house was lit from the inside. They decked the house out with some sweet ass Halloween stuff and it sets the mood for comfortable but creepy. Anyhoo, after being let in I say hi to all the little ones: Tai, Sierra, Lexi. I ask Lanie and Moo how the dance was and they said it was pretty good. I end up staying till about 8:30 because watching my nieces and nephew dance the "Soulja Boy" dance for 2 hours just wore me out. BUT it was good times and those kids crack me up. It was a dance fest. I say goodnight and make my way home.

I get home around 9 (after I hit blockbuster and rent Rise: Blood Hunter and 28 Weeks Later), there's some chicken salad waiting for me on the table. Surely I don't leave it there, I take with me to my room along with the tape of NBC's Thursday night lineup. As I chowdown like a fatass, I watch Earl, 30 Rock, and the Office hour. After that, I'm undecided what a.m. movie to watch tomorrow as I'm on an errand run and will be out most of the morning and early afternoon. So I want to plan it time wise but usually that never works out. I stay and pop in Rise which is the Lucy Liu vampire movie....yeah yeah I rented it. Dude Lucy Liu + Vampires + crazy lesbian scenes with Carla Gugino = me renting it like a sucker. So I settle on watching it and it's pretty crappy....DUH. Lucy Liu is good....and that's where it pretty much stops. It's kinda boring actually as I fight to stay up and watch it. Oh well, she's still hot in my book even if she's not really making awesome movies anymore..although I mildy enjoyed Codename: The Cleaner. Anyways I turn in....

Friday 10.12

And the winner is Michael Clayton! So I get up take a shower and head out to work to pick up my paycheck. I stop at the bank and head to the theater just in time for the 10:30am show of this movie. I'm so glad I decided to see it because it's probably one of the best movies of the year. The only thing I knew about the movie was that it was a legal drama type of movie and it had George Clooney and the trailer was kind of neat.

It's a great in that it focuses on this character and the world around him. You see how he deals with problems and tries to handle his own. It was shot really well and had a handful of amazing supporting players. The main focus though was George Clooney. He MADE this movie. He gives this very focused and tense performance as a man who handles situations but can't seem to get a grip on his own personal life. He comes in, he's fed up, and he's a realist. He doesn't tell you how it could be, he tells you how it is.

This role works for Clooney because as he is in real life the character he's playing is likable and charismatic. However, when we are introduced to Michael Clayton, he's on edge. He's fed up and you stay with this character to get an insight on why. It seriously was one of the best movies I've seen this year.

After the flick, I head over to Play It Again Sports and pick up a used left handed golf driver. I head over to Udon Noodles for lunch and then Border's across the street. I pick up two new books to go on my to read list: World War Z by Max Brooks and Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things.

After Borders, I get my fat ass in the gym and work out for about an hour and a half before finally heading home. I pop in 28 Weeks Later as I shred some old papers and fold some laundry. I like 28 Weeks Later more then the original and the scares are in your face and the gore is just the right amount to where it's not over the top or too much that it's stupid and fake. I am however kind of sad about the movie as a whole because it is kind of depressing on how something that seems like it's a contained situation really isn't. If you're a fan of the first one like I was then you should probably pick this one up and give it a watch. It's good, if not better then the original.

After shredding and folding, I get some chicken salad and begin updating the blog while watching Harvey Birdman Set 1. It takes me awhile to post because I'm getting lost in the funny Birdman eps and chowing down.

"This concludes our broadcast day." - Jim Carrey, The Truman Show

Eat it suckers!

PS - I'm sad that Dwight and Angela are broken up but Andy's rendition of Erasure's Take A Chance On Me was HILARIOUS.

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