Monday, October 22, 2007

We own...30 days of night + the weekend wrap up.

Thursday 10.18

After work, I meet up with my good friend Clare for some coffee at Starbucks. We chat chit for a good 2 hours about anything and everything. I enjoy talking to Clare, she's probably one of the best conversationalist I know. You can pick up and have a conversation with her about anything at anytime and the best is that you branch off of other subjects and have other conversations. Plus we always end up having a good laugh about stuff to the point where my sides hurt. She's by far the coolest person to talk to. We chat-chit for about 2 hours until we both decide we need to get back to our homes to watch The Office. I chillax and watch the NBC line up and eventually pass out to some tv.

Friday 10.19

I get up early and hit the office to pick up my check. Make a the bank not on the toliet. I head over to catch the early show of We Own The Night. It's a flick that's not too bad but I had some problems with it's pacing and action beats...or lack of. It's good in terms of the performances with all the actor exercising their acting chops but I felt it needed more guts.

I get home and decide to go to the gym for a bit. After that, I pop in to Super Cuts. I come home and take a shower and bum around for a bit until I leave for Schaumburg around 7:00pm for an 8:25pm show of 30 Days Of Night. A flick I really end up digging. It's not really that scary but I did jump a bit and the gore was just the right amount. I think it was more disturbing and unsettling in terms of the content and the whole no hope for anyone. I mean 30 days in the cold with blood thirsty vampires...F THAT. haha

The look of it was amazing too. It was just so pale and dull every scene looked so dead. It translated from panel to screen really well I thought, especially with it's look and style.

Post flick the crew wanted to go grab a bite to eat but I'm not up for driving back so late. Plus I have work the next day. I pass on the late din din and start heading back to Bridgeview. I'm almost home and I get a text from my friend Josie about grabbing some food at the IHOP by my house. Since it's so close I say why not, plus I WAS starting to get some late night hunger craves. So we meet around 12:30am and I dig into a ham and 3 cheese omelette.

Josie's also another person I like talking to about anything. Everytime I sit with her and talk I'm taking back to the grade school days of yesteryear. We always talk about "back in the day" which is one of my favorite things to do. Not because I have regrets or that I'm living in the past but those days were so simple and care free and fun back then. It's never a bad thing to take a trip down memory lane. If I can shoot the shit with a close friend like Josie, it's even better because it's memories you both end up reliving through conversation. We sit and talk for about 2 hours until we decide that we both need sleep. I say goodbye and head home. Like an idiot I turn on my computer and check mail, myspace, and facebook. I hit the bed by 3am.

Saturday 10.20

I wake up at 7:45am and eventually snooze till like 9am. Work's not til 11-11:30am. I doze off and have this very bizarre dream where my brown hoodie is slowly losing it's thread around the sleeves and some other weird which I wake up and suddenly realize I've overslept. I wake up splash some cold water in my face and brush my teeth. I head out the door and make it to work by 11:15 - 11:25am. Work goes well and I'm out the door making my way to the cemetery. All the cousins are suppose to meet up and say hi to Frank. After I've picked up the Cas girls I meet at the cemetery and all the cousins are there. I say hi to Kj who I haven't seen in what seems like forever. We pray and head back to the house. We have a sort of get together for all the october bdays: Jp, Frank, Jax. We have good times and we try to play halo 3 which ends up breaking Frank's xbox. Jeff calls Microsoft and he has to send it back so they can send us a new one. What a bummer. With nothing to do, we decide to play some Texas Hold'em. I usually never play because I don't know how but I decide to learn and all the guys teach me how to play..which I end up doing pretty well the first couple of hands. I think the biggest hand was the full house I had over Jeff and John's full house. I had the higher hand. Anyway we order pizza and most of the fam is scattered throughout the house. Some are playing pool, some are in the dining room, some in my room but when it's pizza time, we all head in and grab some slices. The night starts to wind down and soon enough it's just Jp, Jax, and the Cas girls. We watch a rerun SNL. Cas girls say good night and I retire to the bed.

Sunday 10.21

Just another Lazy Sunday. Never leave the room and only step outside to get some bird food at Pet Smarts.

Monday 10.22

Johnny Mo's bday! Happy birthday big bro. I love you man! Wake up around 11:00am and grab some lunch before meeting John and Jax at the Quarry to watch Gone Baby Gone. Wow. This movie was incredible and I hope it gets a bunch of Oscar nods. I want to see it again. Trust me, go see this flick...directed by the 'fleck. (haha sorry that joke was horrible).

After that, we went to Chili's and I munched on awesome blossom and had a cheese steak sammich with some fries. Stuffed, we say goodbye to Jp and Jax and I ride back with the 'rents.

I mess around with my 30 Days sketch that I did over the weekend. Ends up looking like this:

leave no survivors.... by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

- Tomorrow's Frank's bday. (10.23)

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