Monday, October 29, 2007

The TV Set & Dan In Real Life

Thursday 10.26

During the Dog Bite Dog viewing...which I lost total interest in halfway through I sketched some weird sea creature things which I ended up really liking:

After that, I watched the other movie I rented, The TV Set. This film is really funny. If you like that "Deadpan" type of comedy then you'll love this movie. David Duchovny is exceptionally at conveying this type of comedy and it truly is hilarious. The film is about the inner workings of pilot season and what happens when a tv writer wants to bring his unique vision to the small screen. During this period he goes through ridiculous directors, horrible casting sessions, and having to deal with the head honchos of a major TV network. It really is an interesting look into TV and how funny and frustrating it all can be. The other kudos to the movie that I love is that it's written and directed by Jack Kasdan. He's responsible for one of my favorite movies of all time, Zero Effect. The combination of Kasdan's writing and Duchovny's comedic timing makes this small movie stand out against all the "regular" movies out there. If you haven't seen either, I suggest you pick them up and give them a viewing.

Friday 10.26

I woke up and headed to work. While waiting for some file's to get uploaded, I kept in line with the whole "tentacle" theme from the other night and sketch some more stuff including some rad X-Men doodles. It is nearing Halloween so maybe I've been in a weird "creature" mode:

After work, I went by the bank and then headed out to the movie theater to catch the 4:25pm show of Dan In Real Life starring the very funny Steve Carell. When I got to the show, the time at the theater read 4:45pm so I thought I was early by half an hour. So I bought the ticket and went to read in my car. As soon as I entered the theater @ 4:40 the movie was already playing so I was like, "WTF?" I checked the theater and I read the wrong time box because the jackasses didn't take down the special screening times that they held on Saturday. So I was semi-pissed but only to find out I missed like 5-10 minutes because I forgot about the previews and the opening credits were still playing. So I sit through what is a pretty enjoyable movie. Carell is on fire and brings on the funny. It's one of those "feel good movie" movies. However, I only felt lukewarm towards Dane Cook, who was casted as the younger brother. He didn't fit in the movie really. I give him his props for trying something different. I just think he's too BIG of a name to be casted in a role..that's not really suppose to be funny. PLUS he's playing opposite Steve Carell who is "on screen" funny while Dane Cook is "stand up" funny. Sometimes transitioning from those two types of funny doesn't always go the way you want it. I said "funny" a lot.

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