Thursday, October 04, 2007

"OH SWEENEY!" haha that was for Ghea and Skye

So before I go, I haven't been on the internet all day and I go to to find that they have posted the new Sweeney Todd trailer up. I can't wail til Christmas. It looks very..well it looks very BURTON. That's never a bad thing especially with Johnny in the hot seat. What is this? Like they're 6th movie together?

Well, with Burton you either really like him, (Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Nightmare Before Xmas, Ed Wood, Mars Attacks!) or you really don't like him ( Planet of the Apes). But in all honesty, he's had a pretty good track record even if Batman Returns wasn't the shit that everyone says it is. (Yeah, I'm a KILMER fan...I said KILMER...not Schumaucher) . Also, I liked the Planet of The Apes rehash. My ONLY Marky Mark Wahlberg impression comes from that movie, when he says, "What's wrong with these apes?" in that out of breath semi-panicking but still a bad ass voice he does like he was running a gazillion miles. It doesn't SEEM like a good impression but shit I can make my brother.

Wow this just became a Tim Burton/Marky Mark rant...SORRY just enjoy the trailer it looks good.

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