Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Monday, the wolfman cometh....

Monday 10.8

So, today I got up early. Well 9:00am is early for me and I know some people who get up at like 5am everyday....f that noise. So at around 10 I head to the gym and work out for a good hour or so. I head back to the house and work online for a bit. I was scheduled to meet up with the crew and work on the comic book but I end up rescheduling to the weekend.

Around 3 in the afternoon, my friend Josie stops by with a project for me. She wants me to take her nephew's drawings and kind of a do a redux version and present it to him as
a birthday present. So she hands me the drawings and tells me that her nephew created this character dubbed Wolfman who defends the citizens Wolf-ville or Wolf City from the evil Bullman....yeah, how cool is that haha.

o here's her nephews original sketch:

And here's what I took from it:

So it's not done yet but I was thinking of doing some kind of comic splash page or something...maybe a 3 panel dealie-yo. After she stopped by with the drawings, I asked her to accompany me to visit Frank at the cem. We chatted there for a bit and before heading back. Anyways, Jo, her boyfriend played some pool in the garage for a bit til they left around 6ish. That's when I started these sketches I called it quits and before watching some Reaper.

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