Monday, October 29, 2007

ISU, BRADLEY family weekend of fun.

Saturday 10.27

Em, swung by 9ish to go to ISU to visit KJ. We had a family weekend planned and a bunch of the cousins decided to go. So we loaded the car and Em, Belly, Frad, and myself took a 2 + hour drive to Normal, IL to visit KJ. Jp, Jax, and Jaz followed...or lead the 2 car convoy. We got their around 12 noon. There was a picnic and a gigantic play ground with swings and tubes and things to crawl on:

We ate and played basketball and took pictures for a while before leaving to go to Bradley University to see Jadda's dorm and go eat dinner. On the way, we stopped by to see these houses on hills. There were these really awesome views of Peoria and the lake that were really cool to photograph especially with the fall colors:

After that, we hit up Culver's for dinner and said goodbye to Jp and Jax. Jaz stayed with the Cas Girls and we hit up a pumpkin patch real late at night. I missed out on a pumpkin carving party so I was kind of jonesin, (haha lanie) to carve me some pumpkins later in the evening. After hanging out for maybe half an hour or so (it was getting cold) we packed up the pumpkins and headed back to ISU. The Cas group stayed behind because they were checking into a hotel by Jadda's place. We tried to get into some bowling but the lane's were super busy so we opted for a Walmart run and a trip to KJ's local video store. We rented Unaccompanied Minors. We got back and I started thinking of ideas for my pumpkin carving. I didn't know what to think of to carve and I wanted to do something simple since it's my first time carving a pumpkin. I got this pumpkin carving kit and it came with some templates but I went with a vampire design I sketched out on paper:

I CARVED A PUMPKIN by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

During this time, Frad put Ghostbusters on. People were getting sleepy and eventually everyone started to go to bed. I stayed up to finish Belly and Kj's pumpkin, a bat template from the carving kit. I stayed up and talked with KJ, her roommate Andrea, and her sister Nicole. Nicole just so happens to be a STL/Peace/Rice/McCauley band alum so we've known each other way back when. After everyone decides to sleep, I lay out on the living room floor with KJ and watch the movie we rented. It was closer to 3am when that started. It's a pretty funny kid/X-mas movie. I fall in and out of sleep and manage to watch a good chunk of it. KJ passes out within the first 2 minutes.

Wake up around 8:45am and everyone slowly gets up. We make pancakes, another first for me, and we head off to Sunday Mass. We make a break for Flat Top Grill. Before packing up, we head to Target and fight with myself whether or not to pick up Guitar Hero III on the ps2. I decide not to and we go back to the apt and pack up our shit. We say goodbye to KJ and head home. I was sad because it was such a fun weekend but peeps gotta get edumacated and other peeps gotz to work for that paper yo. I didn't want to leave though. Ah well, another weekend, another time.

I was semi-tired but I didn't fall asleep. Em and I listened to the Bears game and I read My Boring-Ass Life. Got back to 'view in like 2 hours or so. We visited Frank before Em took me home. I crash in my bed finishing My Boring-Ass Life. I surf the net and upload the photos from the weekend onto my facebook while listening to Shaun Of The Dead cast commentary. After that, I pass out watching the movie LOL.

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