Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Heartbreak Kid, apple picking, and a Batman marathon.

Friday 10.05 -

No no, not Shawn Michaels of "sweet chin music" fame.
I mean the new Ben Stiller movie directed by the Farrelly Brothers.

So I got up at to make the 10:15am show at The Quarry. The 5 dollar movie friday has been something I've done since this past summer. With all that's happened recently, I haven't been able to do that and there wasn't really anything to watch in terms of new releases in the past 2-3 weeks anyway. This movie sparked my interest because I had seen the trailer on one of my many Friday movie showings and it got me going. I figure a movie that makes me laugh hard in the trailer must have even more funny parts in the entire picture show. Thankfully, I was right and this movie brought out the laughs big time. I think it was tad bit longer (what is it with comedies now a days that are like almost 2 hours long ie; Superbad, Knocked Up) then it should've been. I think the Farrelly brothers took the comedic elements of physical, raunchy, dialogue, one liners, hilarious supporting characters, and fused that with Ben Stiller's performance in There's Something About Mary. The result of which is this movie. In my opinion, I found it funnier then There's Something About Mary and the leading women in the movie I find way more attractive then Cameron Diaz. Plus it's an R - rated comedy which are kind of all the rage these days.

After the movie, I visited Frank at the cem and headed to the gym as I was already in "gym" wear. Later that evening, I went to dinner with Jp and Jax for her birthday which was this week. We met up with the Zeps and had dinner at the Weber Grill. Hmmmmmm so good and my first time there. I had the Black Angus Meatloaf.

Post grill, we headed back and I packed up my shit and left the Condoodge at around 10. I was stuffed. I fell asleep watching some eps of Sarah Silverman Program season 1.

Saturday 10.06 -

Wale up bright and early @ 6:45am and head off to the Reniva household to go apple picking @ Edward's Orchard out in Poplar Grove. E and his family, go every year and got to go last year and it was really fun so I was looking forward to it minus the early drive. I get there and we wait for the others: Iz, Iz's mom, Sam, and Hodge. We saddle up in the Pilot and take a hour and half drive over. I play some DS and manage to finish I Love You, Beth Cooper on the way over there. At the tail end of the drive, I start His Boring Ass Life. We get out and its like the hottest day ever. I'm seriously sweating balls before we even start go apple picking. I didn't have that much money with me so I bought some of those "fiji" apple bundles from the inside store. Everyone else loads up on Cider, Apple Cinnamon Donuts (hmmmmm so good), jerky, and whatever else they sell there...which is a LOT of good stuff. Man, next year I gotta bring more money. After we hit the store, we get into the groves and begin picking. Since I couldn't get an actually basket-ful this year, I opt for taking pictures and picking off apples to eat right then and there haha. Here are some of the photos I took:

After the picking, we saddle up and meet by a local picnic area where all the different families bring food and drinks and all that stuff. We chill for a couple of hours. My stomach isn't feeling too hot and I have to take a major dump. I DO NOT want to use the restrooms that are there because well it's an outdoors camp area and F that, I'm not gonna lay my bare ass on a seat not knowing whether or not some kid sprayed diarrhea everywhere. So I hold it and tell Eric that we gotta make like a tree and leave before I shit myself. So, after a good hour of frisbee with the little ones we head home with a plan of hitting an oasis. We get to the oasis and several minutes later, I feel better. I get some water and a Snapple Berry Iced Tea before we leave. We get back to E's house around 5:30. I take my apples and my things and wish everyone a goodnight. Now I'm semi-rushing because Jax says they have dinner reservations with her bffs around 8. With a third of the way left before I get home, my bro texts me and tells them that dinner is off and they are gonna head over to plainfield to watch the Pacquaio fight. I decide to stay home and finish the rest of the Sarah Silverman episodes before dozing off.

Sunday 10.07

I wake up around 9:00am then again closer to 10:30. I try and figure out what I want to do today. I WAS going to meet up with the comic book crew to shell out some more progress but I call and cancel thinking I might have to drive my mom to a bridal shower for my cousin and his soon to be misses. Turns
out she's working and couldn't get called off so now I don't know what to do. I decide to finish up a bunch of drawings I've been meaning to color while I watch the entire 2nd and 3rd seasons of The Batman which Hodge let me borrow. Man, that's some sweet animation/character design. I'm bummed that I missed the premiere of season 5 which had the Superman arc. Oh well. Throughout the day, I sketch out some of the villians that make an appearance in some of the episodes I'm watching. I watch this episode which features Ragdoll which I thought was kind of a cool character. So I wiki him and turns out his been in the comics and I thought he was just some new guy they made for the series like they did with Clayface in the original show. Basically, this guy is contortionist and the way they animated his movements in the ep are really "twisted" and crazy. So after that episode, I started and stopped sketches here and there. Some on the page are Riddler, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Solomon Grundy, Ragdoll, and Clayface.

So I've been pretty much in my room all day popping out for lunch and din din. Finishing up the remaining eps of The Batman season 3 and updating the blog.

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