Tuesday, October 23, 2007

...hard to concentrate.

Tuesday 10.23

I couldn't concentrate today because it's Frank's birthday. All I wanted to do was go to the cemetery and just hang there and talk to him. Work moves by slow and manage to be all smiles at work even though I'm struggling inside. Sometimes just saying "this fucking flat out sucks" is the best way to describe the past couple of months. It's hard...shit yeah it is. I do doodle some at work though:

It keeps my mind off things....even my work can't keep my mind off of you not here....*sigh.

I manage to think about you in a good light though Frank. I remember all the stupid, dumb, and hilarious stuff we used to talk about. It puts a a small smile on my face. Memories of you make me feel better....the good ones at least. After the quickstop at Walmart, I went to your facebook and read all the comments and blog posts people have wrote to you and or about you. You've made an impact on everyone...come visit me in a dream and we'll talk about it. I love you....I wish I told you that more...but you probably would've called me 'gay'....and we'd joke about it later.

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