Thursday, October 04, 2007

First week of work complete, in other news....

So today was the end of my first week as a Photographer for Atlantic Press. I gotta tell you it's the coolest job I've had so far...(next to being all around awesome cousin, brother, friend, and son [well wouldn't go that far...] haha but that's not a job to me *takes off glasses in Clark Kent like fashion)

ANYYYYWAYS...I briefly went over what I do at my job a little bit yesterday. Today was pretty much more of the same as the past three days. I came in and worked on some photos. By "work on some photos", I mean there's this special way of processing them so they are ready to go into the actual ads. Since we take in so many photos a week, there's never a slow down moment and there is always work to do. In return, it makes the hours go by a lot quicker and sometimes you won't know and you'll REALLY have one of those "oh look at the time" moments. Instead of doing that to have some annoying guy stop talking to you or something.

So after I worked on some photos, I had to head up an area around Orland Park and take some photos for a grocery store out there. The other photographer and I would then come back to the studio, upload and work on those until it was closing time. So all in all, the days are always eventful and the people I've met are all really nice.

After work, I met my friend Eden for dinner. She "made" Pizza Hut and also, Steps came over too. We sat around, ate, watched a bit of tv, but we were more just hanging and shooting the shit til about 11:30. It was really fun and I got to know my way around the Woodridge area more. We talked about random things because that's usually what I talk about.

Topics included: Haunted Chicago tour
Filipino parents
Job Interviews
Upcoming plans
Bar hopping

So now that I'm back home, I think I'm gonna pop in the tape of Must See Tv Thursday and probably play some Medal of Honor later if I'm not too tired but yesterday I got to this sweet Japanese ambush part and it was hard...or maybe finishing up "I Love You Beth Cooper." Since I have like 5 chapters left. Seriously one of the funniest things I've ever read. Now I won't seem so lame when I fill out one of those myspace surveys where it says "last book you read" and I put nothing down. HAH

- j

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