Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fido, Popeye, and "Work's Finest"

Wednesday 10.24

So I woke up today and before work I was watching Fido on dvd for a second viewing. I peeped the flick last night and if you're a fan of zombies then you should totally pick this one up. It's a really cool twist on the zombie story. It like lassie but instead of a's a zombie. It's hilarious, all the sets are sent in the '50s and it has that look straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting..but you know..with zombies! Anyways go watch this flick right now, it's awesome.

Before I leave, I check out and there's this interesting article about Tom Hanks having a myspace and it's really him. So I peep it..and sure enough it's him....because there's a video on the site and on it he says "I'm Tom Hanks. This is my myspace." So I put in a friend request and by the day's end...I'm Tom Hank's friend!! Whoo hooo!!! His electric car video is awesome!

I head off to work. Work's well, I spend my lunch in the car reading His Boring Ass Life. I come home and spend most of the night on the phone talking to Moo and then Janeen. Still haven't eaten yet, I hang up around 9ish and pull in a late dinner while I put in Popeye the Movie. (yeah that's right) I actually really like this movie and it's hilarious and it's a musical.....probably the only Robert Altman movie I'll like...other then M*A*S*H. Anyways it still holds up to me but I put the movie on pause as Lanical calls me to chat about her concert.

Oh here's a sketch I did of Supes and Bats while at work waiting for some files to upload...get it "Work's Finest". Instead of World's Finest. "Clever girl" I mean Jay.

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