Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You're still here Frank....

Frank! I'm so happy you came to me the other morning (cause I slept in and you knew it too hah) in my dream.

You really spoke to me and gave me that reassurance that everything was going to be ok with our family.

I know I kept pestering you and asking you "What's next for us? Where do we go from here? I know you've told me how optomistic I am but lately, I've been having my doubts."

And you looked at me and said, "I know everything will be fine. You'll figure it out, it's gonna be hard but you guys will get by. Shouldn't that be enough of a reassurance, that I'm telling you right here and right now."

We continued along and revisited the last weeks together and we cracked jokes and you said, "Thanks for calling everyone to come see me and say goodbye." Then we fast forward well after your funeral and into the later weeks of the month. And you were there with us @ Jadda's house before she left for college. Now I know that you are with us all the time.

And in my dream, we talked like how we used to talk those late nights in Bridgeview. And all of a sudden we were back at the house. I was at the foot of the stairs getting ready to go to bed but I didn't want to because I wanted to stay and talk so much more. But, you looked at me and said, "Just talk to me...even though I'm not physically here anymore, I'm still here. Talk to me, I'm listening."

I looked at you and said, "Ok I will. I'm going to go up now I'll see you in the morning." You said, "Yeah I'm gonna get some rest too. Later."

...and as I made my way up the snapped me out of my dream. I woke up with that sense of relief that I've been looking for to some of the questions that you had answered for me. I began to cry because I realized how much I miss you but the tears were still happy because you still reached out to me and comforted me and let me know that everything will be fine.

I love you so much Frank. Thank you.

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