Monday, September 10, 2007

Shots from the weekend...

About the drawing: I was drawing this sketch of a cow "milking" at a urinal and the head shot is a caricature of Kevin Bacon's character in his new movie, Death Sentence. The main drawing is an Emo kid that I saw waiting at the bus stop by the local Walgreens. He looked so sad and I think he was not waiting for the bus but for his mom to pick him up. But he was like in and around the bus stop because the sun makes his heart bleed. UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the Emo kid's hair was blue and his tears were making the beautiful roses die.

Friday -

Not too much went down, I spent most the day in the room planning out my children's book which is on the way folks! More details SURELY to follow as it becomes more and more real!! I'm really excited about it. My parent's went to a 50th Wedding Anniversary and I invited Jp and Jax to dinner. Of course that means I didn't have to cook or anything but we were gonna go out to eat. We hit up Steve & Barry's first and I decided that I need to buy some stuff from there. Jeans, shorts, shirts, shoes, Jack Bauer can't go wrong with all that stuff under 10 dollars. Ended up eating at Chili's, had a Cobb Salad hmmmm "cobby".

Went to Hollywood and rented The Lookout (really really great movie). If you're into character dramas or heist films that movie has both elements. Also rented John Woo's Stranglehold for Xbox360. That game is just too fun. John ended up taking advantage of previously viewed 4 for 20. He picked up Artie Lange's Beer League, My Super-Ex Girlfriend, The Matador (for me!!) and um...crap drawing a blank. Some other movie that's good.

Came back to the house and played Stranglehold til the wee hours.

Saturday -

Not much planned some of the family stopped over after a cemetery visit. Waited until about 7ish where Rafa, Jp, and myself took in Shoot'Em Up. This movie was great. It was silly, over the top, funny as hell, and violent. It's exactly what I wanted from it. However we got a lil bit more out of it from it's players: Paul Giamatti, Clive Owen, and goddess that is Monica Bellucci. Sure there wasn't that much character or plot development but who cares the people had fun making the movie and you should have fun watching it.

Sunday -

Went to brunch with Jp and Jax and came back to watch the bear's game...but I played Stranglehold all afternoon. Family came by and we had a bbq/lay around day. TIRED AS HELL...knocked out after watching a few episodes of Samurai Jack.

Monday - Started my gym enrollment thanks to my aunt. Took it slow in the morning and came back workout with LnK. Came home and played more forward blogging now.

End transmission.

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