Sunday, September 30, 2007

Party like a weekend.

Ok ok...I don't party like a rockstar and that song "sucks the junk" as Lanie would politely put it. I did however have a pretty damn good weekend with close friends. Lemme break down for ya':

Friday -

Around 4:30 I got dressed to meet my friend Josie for dinner. She had dinner reservations at Flattop Grill downtown around 6 with some fellow classmates/coworkers. So she asked if I wouldn't mind driving. The thought kinda freaked me out because I've lived in Chicago all my life, except for the 3-4 years I was away at school, and I never really drove ANYWHERE. (*sigh to be sheltered as a teenager...but by choice haha)

So I said yeah and we also had to pick up our other friend, Nini. Keep in mind I've known these girls pretty much most of my life since I started school. I've known Jo' the longest, k thru 8 baby. I've known Nini since the glorious Nativity Days of yesteryear, that would make it about 12-13 years. I find it amazing how long I've kept in touch with them. I guess that means I'm likeable and worth knowing (heh).

Anyways, we pick up Nini and head downtown. We meet up with her friends and we all ge
t acquainted. It was nice, I play "catch up" and "meet and greet" and all that fun stuff while I stuff my face with stir fry in a veggie broth. I go for seconds as Jo's friends surprise her with um a wang cake.....EXHIBIT A:

Keep in mind, I just met this girls THAT NIGHT and already there was talk of penis....not mine. HAHA

The look on my face was me wondering whether or not I should eat it.

After that, we hit McFadden's off of State and Division where we watched the Cubs win and had some drinks and chilled. A couple of hours later we were joined by another old classmate, Lety:

This is 10 + years right here. Since we were lil rascals all the way up to "young mature" yeah so ANYWAYS.

After that, we went to this place called "Mothers" which after awhile we noticed thats the type of people who were in here. So we hopped over to Bar Chicago for more dance and drink. We safely left and we dropped off Lety, then Nini, and Jo's friend Jessica. Around the time of 2am, I asked Josie if she wanted to get some breakfast. We headed over to Huck Finn's and sat and talked for about another good hour. I dropped her off at her place and headed back home to the 'view. I crashed....into my bed at about 4:10 in the A.M.

Saturday -

I surprisingly woke up around 9:30 in the A.M., BUT I quickly slammed on the snooze and went to bed until about 2 in the afternoon! IT WAS AWESOME. So yeah, I didn't really do much just bummed around a bit. I was watching Knocked Up again when Fred and Kev came by with their parents for a brief visit. They finished the movie with me and I told Fred about my new job that starts on Monday. After they left, I got a call from my friend, Janeen out in Schaumburg. She was invited to some schindig our friend Tammy had set up for her husband Paul and she was thinking about going so had asked me to come tag a long and say hey. So, I headed out there to spend an evening with her and her friend. We watched Knocked Up and had some popcorn. It was about midnight when the movie ended so, I decided to head back because I had a cubs game to get to. On the way, it officially turned into Sunday and I was almost home. I realized I didn't really eat anything and since it was past midnight, it was Josie's birthday. I texted her and asked her if she wanted to come out and get some iHop on me. After some convincing, she agreed to meet me. I think the fact that I told her I was gonna go anyway if she didn't come was what got her to come out...heh heh. I had the Veggie Black Bean & Chilli Omlette. We got done around 2 in the morning and I wished her happy birthday one more time...before driving back and passing out to King of Queens Season 8.

Sunday -

I woke up like 10am and realized that I have a Sox Game to attend. My second baseball game in the same week as my first, CRAZY!!

I was thinking it was at night but I checked on the ticket schedule and it said @ 1:05pm. I was like, I got time. So I moped around not thinking about taking a shower or anything and once 11am hit, Hodge calls me to tell me they are outside. CRAPSTICKS!

So I grab a clean shirt and febreeze the shit out of the hoody I was gonna wear, which was the same hoody I wore last night, and head out the door. I'm suprised to find Jacy sitting there with Hodge as I hop in the back seat. Before I left, I did a quick map quest of U.S. Cellular Field and we start heading out. On the drive, we talk about work, movies, what's been up, and Halo 3. We get there and meet up with a handful of Hodge's friends. We sit in the upper deck section 557. It's hot as hell out and I was in jeans and a zip up hoody. WTF was I thinkin'? The Sox lose big time 12 -3 against the Detroit Tigers. I didn't really care because I was just having fun being outside and baking like a turkey. It was fan appreciation day so I got some posters and a Sox cup for Ghea and Skye. I get a call from John earlier and I find out he's at the house. He texts me later and mentions he picked up Halo 3. After the game, I get dropped off at my house and I take the stuff over to the Cas Girls' house. When I get back John, Jax, and my parents are all there and we decide to get some din din at Pitt House. I get the Turkey Panini hmmmmmmm. I can't finish it so I pack it up for tomorrow. After we get home, John pops in Halo 3 and we play for about a good hour or so before I get tired. They leave for the night and I start up a load of laundry and clean my room up a bit before I get to this massive update. After I blog, I think I'm gonna pop in the final disc of season 8 of King of Queens and watch a few eps before the big Monday!

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