Monday, September 24, 2007

No sketchbook, no sketches

Man it's been a long weekend. And I haven't posted anything new because that Doomsday drawing was the last page of my sketchbook. So...I thought I'd post some random stuff to get your art fix:

Not much went on today, I woke up late which I'm trying to break that I had a late start to my day. I did some work here and there watched some episodes of The Batman season 2 that Hodge let me borrow. I watched the premiere of the new NBC show, CHUCK. I gotta say the pilot episode was really funny/action packed almost borderline cheeseball way but it was nicely done and was surprised to find out that McG of Charlie's Angels fame directed the pilot episode.

Other new shows I'm excited to peep are Reaper and Journeyman.

I can't forget about my NBC Thursday lineup which consists of 30 Rock, Scrubs, Office, and Earl!!

Well, thats it for now!

Tomorrow (er today) is Knocked Up: SE, King of Queens S9, and these guys have a cd coming out that I'm looking forward to peepin'.

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