Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Medal of Honor and hooorray new sketches

So I played some more of MOH: Pacific Assault's single player. Man, this game is some kind of hard. I probably just suck at it because I haven't played a FPS PC shooter in forever ago. But all in all, I like the game. It's challenging and I like that. There's this thing where if you get your health all the way down to zero you are technically still alive and you can call for medical attention. You can do that up to 4 times in any given chapter of the game. Once a new area starts you are replenished with the amount of Corpsman Heals. Also the first initial jungle stages were crazy because they took place at night and the friggin Japanese soldiers are like blended in and I can't see shit when I'm shooting. Then, all of sudden you'll be reloading and some crazy A.I soldier will run up to you with a bayonet and try and stab you. It's really hard to maneuver around.

Anyways, I was able to crank out some sketches while watching the premieres of The Office and My Name Is Earl. And here they are, nothing to fancy although I like the Sumo Panda and the weird snowman sasquatch hybrid thingie. Also I threw in a Supes and Two-Face sketch as well as what I would look like if I was in the movie Easy Rider?! (IDK)

Well, thats it for now. I woke up late again. Man, I suck at this getting up early thing. But I'm going to have to adjust quiclly because new job starts on Monday. WHOOOT!

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