Thursday, September 27, 2007

MOH: Pacific Assault 1st thoughts....

UPDATE: I know with a new sketchbook, you can look forward to actual art instead of me jabbering on.

So I played the single player mode of this game for about an hour now and beat some of the early levels. I have to say that the single player is way better then the multi-player. It's pretty dramatic in the sense that it has some really interesting cut scenes and music to go with all the frentic action. It's a really entertaining game so far. I have to say since I hold the Call of Duty series in such high regard (I mean I consider the original COD to be one of my, if not my favorite fps game of all time.), I like to think this Medal of Honor is like the Pearl Harbor of WWII games. I know that sounds kinda bad right?

But the first couple of levels were all about the attack on Pearl Harbor and right before that, there was this dramatic long introduction to the main character and then BAM the action starts and you're running around and shit's blowing up in your face and planes are flying everywhere and you're trying to run to a boat. I mean it screams, Michael Bay!

But you all gotta admit even though Pearl Harbor dropped a big bomb (heh) at the box office you still enjoyed it somewhat and the action was pretty damn entertaining. That's my thoughts on the games single player story so far.

Now if we can only find the Gleaming The Cube of skateboard games.

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