Friday, September 14, 2007

Locked out of my car, Shoot'em Up twice, and WOAH big spendin'!

Wednesday -

So today I was in the mood to spend. After I got home from the gym, I worked for a bit and took a shower. I went to GameStop around 3 in the afternoon and bought two DS games: Drawn to Life by THQ and UbiSoft's Jam Sessions. Both are two very different games but two games I seriously wanted. The first game, Drawn to Life, is basically a creation game where you can create the hero of side scrolling adventure. Also, there are elements where you have to create platforms, weapons, vehicles, and animals. It's really fun and I really emphasized the creative aspect to it. The 2D parts however are kind of simple but that's ok because the fact that you can create parts of the level and the hero of the game makes it worth going through just so you can take like an hour to draw a weapon or some vehicle you need to use in the level. I haven't gotten that far into it because I take so long to draw the different things. That's what I get for being a n artist and super anal wanting my characters to look bad ass.

And for Jam Sessions, the game pretty much simulates guitar playing. As plain as the game sounds, it's really satisfying and you find yourself playing it for hours. Learning chords, adding effects, free playing, and tutorials on how to "strum".

God, I sound like a game review site. Ok...MOVING ON!

On my way to Schaumburg to meet up with Jacy and Eric for our comic book, I stopped by Target to get 30 Rock season 1. Got some gas....for the car.

I rolled into Schaumburg around 5pm and my meet wasn't till 6. So I went to Borders to kill time and was looking for Self Publishing books and browsed through the children's picture books to see what's on the shelfs. (Piece the puzzle together yet?)

After that, I decided to go to Barnes and Noble. I get there, park the car, and get out. The minute that happens I do the motion to put my keys in my pocket but my hand and my pockets were empty. "Where the hell are my keys?"

Yeah I locked them inside.

So I call Jacy up to switch the meet to Barnes and Noble instead. After finding out Jeff's spare keys weren't the spare keys to MY car I got a hold of my Pops. He then tells me to aim my phone at the car and he was gonna aim his car clicker at his phone and he was gonna "transfer" the signal across the phones and open the car. Apparently John told him that works and he saw it on tv. (haha idk) So of course, I'm standing there like an idiot holding my phone up to the car like a power ranger who's about to call out "Mastadon!". All the while, I picture my dad somewhere at a Dominick's aiming his car clicker into the phone like he was shooting it with a gun. After like 5 minutes of this and it not working, he decides to come and open my car. So Jacy, E, and myself head into Barnes and Noble and work on our comic book.

BLAH what a night! Hahah

Thursday -

Thursday was a good day. I woke up and got ready to meet my friend Clare for brunch around 10am. She stopped by the house and said hi to Pop. We went to the Blueberry Mill out in LaGrange because I had eaten there like the weekend before with John and Jax so I wanted to come back there because it was a nice area. I got the spinach, cheddar, bacon omelette.

We talked for a couple of hours while chowin' down. I think we did more talking then chowin' because we got the feeling that they wanted us to leave well after our meal was over. JERKS.

We took a walk to Border's and did some book browsing. I found out Clare reads a lot, which is something I should probably do more of since it'll keep the ole noggin' fresh with ideas. My problem is I've become so visual that I can't read unless it's a graphic novel or art book. So I made a personal note to read more. After the Border's stop, Clare drove around the neighborhood to show me some of the cooler more expensive houses in the area. We headed back and stopped by the cemetary to visit Frank.

We got back to the house and she talked to my dad a bit more before saying bye. I took my mom to get new flowers for the vases. I got back and waited for a bit, played some DS and then headed out to meet he guys: Jeff, Burroughs, E, and Hodge to go see Shoot'Em Up.

Now, I've already seen this movie with Jp and Rafa so I didn't mind going to see it again because it's just a crazy overt the top insane action movie. It was well paced and the cast was so perfect that it made the movie work for what it was.

After that, we went to Steak & Shake to talk about the movie amongst other things. Usually when Jeff and Burroughs are around though, COMICS is the main topic of discussion. After like 2 hours of chatting it up like the crew from Resevoir Dogs we drove back to Jeff's and I drove home. Got home closer to 1am I think. Then I got a phone call and chatted with my friend til about 3 in the morn.

Friday -

I woke up today like around noon or 1pm!! Played DS decided to work out at around 8pm. Not really an exciting day but I did get some things done that I needed to. I thought I'd end the blog with a sweet Shoot'Em Up sketch I did. (Pictured are the 4 main characters: Clive Owen's Mr. Smith w/baby, Paul Giamatti as Mr. Hertz, and Monica Bellucci as Donna Quintano.)

I think I'll call it a night and watch some 30 Rock. (call it night? it's 2am dude!)

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