Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

"What a Long Strange Trip It's Been"....I'm gonna try and recall the last four days but they all kind of merged into one giant long day of family, food, and just plain fun with the cousins.

Friday -

I woke up in the early afternoon. I really didn't do much until Hodge came over. I drew in my sketchbook and read more of The Surrogates. Hodge came by around 2:45. We sat around for a bit and I looked up show times for Death Sentence. We decided on 4:45 and hit the golf range for about an hour. It was good times, we hit some golf balls and he kept me up to date on what was going on with the Schaumburg crew.

We headed to the theater and sat through Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon.

It was about 2 hours or so and it was everything on wanted from the movie. It was a drama/thriller which had some really good dramatic scenes which was all build up to the amazing action sequences. I noticed that they did that in segments which was a good idea to keep up with the pace of the film. So after a set of dramatic moments and character interactions, it would just go all out with the violence and action. Kevin Bacon gave a really believable performance. At times it was very heart wrenching to see his transformation from a father trying to take matters into his own hands and ultimately losing control of the situations and himself. It was very exciting to watch and it had one of the best chase sequences I've seen in a film in a good while.

(The chase in Point Break is really awesome too!)

After the movie, we drive back to my house to find Em, Auntie Putchie, and Kev stopping by the house. Soon after a lot of the cousins swing by. Hodge and I start up some pool and the cousins end up going to Jadda's house for some din din. I meet up with them later as Hodge, my dad, and I play some cut throat.

After two or three games, Hodge and I head over to Jadda's house where we eat some dinner. After that, we head back to my house and Hodge opens up his 6 demon bag. He brought some asian movies, the first season of Heroes, and this ps2 game called Person 3. He shows me Persona 3 for about an hour or so which is a really interesting rpg. I don't usually get into RPGs at all because I'm impatient but everything about this game is really cool. From the concept art, the characters, the animation, the soundtrack, and the gameplay, the entire game was bizarre but in a cool way. It kept my interest the whole time I was watching him play. After that, showed him this game I got called Urban Chaos. It's first person shooter about a Riot Response Cop. After that, we play some Naruto 2: Ultimate Ninja into the wee hours. He leaves at about close to 2am. I knock out watching disc 5 of Nip/Tuck season 3.


I wake up to people's voices in my house..which was like 1:30 in the afternoon I believe. Kj came home from ISU for the weekend and she was here visiting. Eventually by 3 or 4, all the cousins were over and we had a small bbq. Nothing fancy or too big. Played some games, watched movies, ate, and hung out. Oh, my friend Jason came by with his girlfriend Amanda and shared in some of the festivities with us. I was mostly in my room that day playing Guitar Hero but as it was getting late, it turns out a bunch of the cousins were REALLY into jumping rope. We all at one point did it. And I had this tendency to get faster as I jump. Played some pool as well...um other then those specific things, I don't remember much else from Saturday because...


...was like a repeat performance. A lot of the adults were organizing for John to make some thank you cards while Kj, Em, and Jax prepared a list of names from the guestbook that was @ the wake. Then it kind of rolled into...


...where everyone pitched in and help finished the stamping, the stickering, and the stuffing. Monday went into late hours as well, played some BIGS on the 360 and listened to music while most of the girls were in my room watching movies. SUPER TIRED by the day's end.

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