Monday, September 17, 2007

Job Interview, new swag, Panera 4 lunch, gym, and a "Monster" of a double feature

Monday -

I woke up around 9:30 and prepped for a job interview I had out in Oak Lawn. Showered, Google Mapped, got dressed, and headed out the door around 10:30 to make my 11 o' clock appointment.
The entire process took a lil over an hour or so as I was out of there by noon. I felt pretty good about how it went so we'll have to see if they call me back or not.

On the way home, I stopped by Steve & Barry's by the mall to pick up a new "school" bag to carry all my comic stuff and or portfolios in. And since everything was half off, it only cost me like 7 bucks. I picked up some new jeans as well and a "John" shirt.

Visited Frank at the cem. I got back to the house and chilled/worked for an hour or two when I decided I was hungry. Went to Panera bread and brought some work with me. I chilled there for like 2 hours. I had a turkey artichoke sandwich and a cup of broccoli cheddar soup. Hmmmm good. While ate Panera, there was this girl who left her purse and came back in to get it. She was pretty damn cute. Anyways I doodled this sketch based off of her. I like how it turned out, I haven't drawn girls or girl characters in awhile so its always good practice to lay some lines down when you get some inspiration.

After Panera, I drove home and watched tv until about 8 which is when I went to the gym. I got done about 9:15. Stopped off at Wendy's, got a call from Jp. I called back Lanie and stopped to get a Wendy's salad and some Pistachio ice cream for my moms. I took a shower and watched Monster Squad while eating my salad. That movie is still REALLY entertaining after 20 years and yes, Wolfman's got nards. After the movie was over, I popped in Monster House which is on in the BG right now.

I thought I'd post these other sketches up I did of these creature/people things listening to music. I don't know just letting the brain work I guess. They turned out cool the guy one kinda looks like a hellboy character. Tomorrow's Deathproof 2disc, Superman/Doomsday. See ya then kids.

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