Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gym sketches

I thought I would post these doodles I did of crazy gym people. I've been going for a bout 3 solid weeks now and I've kind of strayed away from times but having a mind set on 3 days out of the week because I've been so busy lately.

Anyhoo, I'm trying to adapt to my new sketchbook because the paper is kind of light and not as heavy as my other sketchbooks. So of course moisture from my hand causes it to be a lil bitch. haha. I still like my sketchbook but I just dont like the texture of the paper its a lil flimsy and freakin any small fold will ultimately like bend the page and annoy the piss out of me. But, I still plan on laying in some tight sketches and pieces with it I just have to get pass my OCD of it all.

So, back to the sketches there were some drawings that hit me when I was lifting and seeing all these insane guys maxing out as I start off small and crazy hot girls with glasses workin the treadmills and stair machines...DON'T STARE damnit.

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