Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Oh Wendy" WIP

This is my first real piece I'm gonna be workin' on. The way it came about was one day last week I was eating a Wendy's Chicken BLT salad with a 5 piece. I noticed Wendy's latest campaign to have these images of Wendy's hair with a circle cutout so you can place your face in their and take a goofy picture like if you were at an amusement park. Then I got to thinking of how Wendy's was the go to place during my college days, which now has prompted me to get my fat ass in a gym at least 3 times a week. But there were some good meals and even better conversations with great friends had at the Wendy's around the Schaumburg campus of ILIA. Then my mind kinda wrapped around this idea of Dave Thomas' Wendy all grown up like around the age of 18 still promoting Wendy's but in a more FHM/Maxim kind of way. So I thought of her in the outfit sitting on top of a double stack. First thing I did when I got home was sketch this shit out and I started laying in the pencils. It's not like SUPER EROTIC or anything but I had fun sketching it and I can always use the practice when it comes to drawing girls and or women. It's not done obviously because I want to render it but, I thought I'd show you the penicl's progress so far.


Gym sketches

I thought I would post these doodles I did of crazy gym people. I've been going for a bout 3 solid weeks now and I've kind of strayed away from times but having a mind set on 3 days out of the week because I've been so busy lately.

Anyhoo, I'm trying to adapt to my new sketchbook because the paper is kind of light and not as heavy as my other sketchbooks. So of course moisture from my hand causes it to be a lil bitch. haha. I still like my sketchbook but I just dont like the texture of the paper its a lil flimsy and freakin any small fold will ultimately like bend the page and annoy the piss out of me. But, I still plan on laying in some tight sketches and pieces with it I just have to get pass my OCD of it all.

So, back to the sketches there were some drawings that hit me when I was lifting and seeing all these insane guys maxing out as I start off small and crazy hot girls with glasses workin the treadmills and stair machines...DON'T STARE damnit.

Party like a weekend.

Ok ok...I don't party like a rockstar and that song "sucks the junk" as Lanie would politely put it. I did however have a pretty damn good weekend with close friends. Lemme break down for ya':

Friday -

Around 4:30 I got dressed to meet my friend Josie for dinner. She had dinner reservations at Flattop Grill downtown around 6 with some fellow classmates/coworkers. So she asked if I wouldn't mind driving. The thought kinda freaked me out because I've lived in Chicago all my life, except for the 3-4 years I was away at school, and I never really drove ANYWHERE. (*sigh to be sheltered as a teenager...but by choice haha)

So I said yeah and we also had to pick up our other friend, Nini. Keep in mind I've known these girls pretty much most of my life since I started school. I've known Jo' the longest, k thru 8 baby. I've known Nini since the glorious Nativity Days of yesteryear, that would make it about 12-13 years. I find it amazing how long I've kept in touch with them. I guess that means I'm likeable and worth knowing (heh).

Anyways, we pick up Nini and head downtown. We meet up with her friends and we all ge
t acquainted. It was nice, I play "catch up" and "meet and greet" and all that fun stuff while I stuff my face with stir fry in a veggie broth. I go for seconds as Jo's friends surprise her with um a wang cake.....EXHIBIT A:

Keep in mind, I just met this girls THAT NIGHT and already there was talk of penis....not mine. HAHA

The look on my face was me wondering whether or not I should eat it.

After that, we hit McFadden's off of State and Division where we watched the Cubs win and had some drinks and chilled. A couple of hours later we were joined by another old classmate, Lety:

This is 10 + years right here. Since we were lil rascals all the way up to "young mature" yeah so ANYWAYS.

After that, we went to this place called "Mothers" which after awhile we noticed thats the type of people who were in here. So we hopped over to Bar Chicago for more dance and drink. We safely left and we dropped off Lety, then Nini, and Jo's friend Jessica. Around the time of 2am, I asked Josie if she wanted to get some breakfast. We headed over to Huck Finn's and sat and talked for about another good hour. I dropped her off at her place and headed back home to the 'view. I crashed....into my bed at about 4:10 in the A.M.

Saturday -

I surprisingly woke up around 9:30 in the A.M., BUT I quickly slammed on the snooze and went to bed until about 2 in the afternoon! IT WAS AWESOME. So yeah, I didn't really do much just bummed around a bit. I was watching Knocked Up again when Fred and Kev came by with their parents for a brief visit. They finished the movie with me and I told Fred about my new job that starts on Monday. After they left, I got a call from my friend, Janeen out in Schaumburg. She was invited to some schindig our friend Tammy had set up for her husband Paul and she was thinking about going so had asked me to come tag a long and say hey. So, I headed out there to spend an evening with her and her friend. We watched Knocked Up and had some popcorn. It was about midnight when the movie ended so, I decided to head back because I had a cubs game to get to. On the way, it officially turned into Sunday and I was almost home. I realized I didn't really eat anything and since it was past midnight, it was Josie's birthday. I texted her and asked her if she wanted to come out and get some iHop on me. After some convincing, she agreed to meet me. I think the fact that I told her I was gonna go anyway if she didn't come was what got her to come out...heh heh. I had the Veggie Black Bean & Chilli Omlette. We got done around 2 in the morning and I wished her happy birthday one more time...before driving back and passing out to King of Queens Season 8.

Sunday -

I woke up like 10am and realized that I have a Sox Game to attend. My second baseball game in the same week as my first, CRAZY!!

I was thinking it was at night but I checked on the ticket schedule and it said @ 1:05pm. I was like, I got time. So I moped around not thinking about taking a shower or anything and once 11am hit, Hodge calls me to tell me they are outside. CRAPSTICKS!

So I grab a clean shirt and febreeze the shit out of the hoody I was gonna wear, which was the same hoody I wore last night, and head out the door. I'm suprised to find Jacy sitting there with Hodge as I hop in the back seat. Before I left, I did a quick map quest of U.S. Cellular Field and we start heading out. On the drive, we talk about work, movies, what's been up, and Halo 3. We get there and meet up with a handful of Hodge's friends. We sit in the upper deck section 557. It's hot as hell out and I was in jeans and a zip up hoody. WTF was I thinkin'? The Sox lose big time 12 -3 against the Detroit Tigers. I didn't really care because I was just having fun being outside and baking like a turkey. It was fan appreciation day so I got some posters and a Sox cup for Ghea and Skye. I get a call from John earlier and I find out he's at the house. He texts me later and mentions he picked up Halo 3. After the game, I get dropped off at my house and I take the stuff over to the Cas Girls' house. When I get back John, Jax, and my parents are all there and we decide to get some din din at Pitt House. I get the Turkey Panini hmmmmmmm. I can't finish it so I pack it up for tomorrow. After we get home, John pops in Halo 3 and we play for about a good hour or so before I get tired. They leave for the night and I start up a load of laundry and clean my room up a bit before I get to this massive update. After I blog, I think I'm gonna pop in the final disc of season 8 of King of Queens and watch a few eps before the big Monday!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Medal of Honor and hooorray new sketches

So I played some more of MOH: Pacific Assault's single player. Man, this game is some kind of hard. I probably just suck at it because I haven't played a FPS PC shooter in forever ago. But all in all, I like the game. It's challenging and I like that. There's this thing where if you get your health all the way down to zero you are technically still alive and you can call for medical attention. You can do that up to 4 times in any given chapter of the game. Once a new area starts you are replenished with the amount of Corpsman Heals. Also the first initial jungle stages were crazy because they took place at night and the friggin Japanese soldiers are like blended in and I can't see shit when I'm shooting. Then, all of sudden you'll be reloading and some crazy A.I soldier will run up to you with a bayonet and try and stab you. It's really hard to maneuver around.

Anyways, I was able to crank out some sketches while watching the premieres of The Office and My Name Is Earl. And here they are, nothing to fancy although I like the Sumo Panda and the weird snowman sasquatch hybrid thingie. Also I threw in a Supes and Two-Face sketch as well as what I would look like if I was in the movie Easy Rider?! (IDK)

Well, thats it for now. I woke up late again. Man, I suck at this getting up early thing. But I'm going to have to adjust quiclly because new job starts on Monday. WHOOOT!

MOH: Pacific Assault 1st thoughts....

UPDATE: I know with a new sketchbook, you can look forward to actual art instead of me jabbering on.

So I played the single player mode of this game for about an hour now and beat some of the early levels. I have to say that the single player is way better then the multi-player. It's pretty dramatic in the sense that it has some really interesting cut scenes and music to go with all the frentic action. It's a really entertaining game so far. I have to say since I hold the Call of Duty series in such high regard (I mean I consider the original COD to be one of my, if not my favorite fps game of all time.), I like to think this Medal of Honor is like the Pearl Harbor of WWII games. I know that sounds kinda bad right?

But the first couple of levels were all about the attack on Pearl Harbor and right before that, there was this dramatic long introduction to the main character and then BAM the action starts and you're running around and shit's blowing up in your face and planes are flying everywhere and you're trying to run to a boat. I mean it screams, Michael Bay!

But you all gotta admit even though Pearl Harbor dropped a big bomb (heh) at the box office you still enjoyed it somewhat and the action was pretty damn entertaining. That's my thoughts on the games single player story so far.

Now if we can only find the Gleaming The Cube of skateboard games.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Some job news, book to read, and my first ever baseball game.

A while back I posted about a job interview I had. So...yeah I can say I start on Monday. Whooooo!!! So I am now a Photographer/Photo Retoucher for Atlantic Press, Inc. I'm pretty excited and I didn't want to spill the beans until they called and said when I can start and it was definite.

OTHER then that bunch-0-news. I've been pretty bad with spending lately and I ended up picking the 9th Season of King of Queens and some books from Borders.

I've been on a "got to read more" kick lately but I've been pretty selective on the books I want to read. I finished reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. The other books I picked up today were My Boring Ass Life by the man himself Kevin Smith and I Love You, Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle.

I also got a haircut and did some shopping for some art portfolios and non-photo blue pencils at Hobby Lobby. I meant to get a sketchbook but the ones they have there weren't the kind I draw on so thats what made me go to Borders and I ended up buying book-books not sketch-books.

Anyways, after all that I went back home and tried out Medal Of Honor's Pacific Assault multi-player which was ok but not as fun as the old Call Of Duty servers I used to play on before my pc crashed and I lost the actual install cd. *SIGH I almost bought a new set of the game that included COD 1, United Offensive Expansion, and COD 2. Every other day I decide to NOT get it, it's there. The one day I decide to pick it up, it isn't. WTH!?

So I walked away with the Medal of Honor game that's like 2 or 3 years old so it was like 10 dollars....shiiit I gotta get my WW II FPS pc game fix from somewhere. I'm a big fan of wwII FPS games but mostly on the PC. I like COD on the ps2 and I have COD 3 and I beat COD: Big Red One, but it's so much easier to play with a mouse and keyboard.

Anyways around 5:30 I left go pick up Geebo and Skizzer to head to the Sox game. They were playing the Kansas City Royals. They won 3 - 0. We got back right around "threat level midnight". It was really fun and I have some photos that I'd like to share:

Oh, I forgot to mention that Geebo, Skizzy ,and I stopped at a Michael's to look for sketchbooks. I found one I could use but it wasn't the right size it was the awkward 9X12 black hardcover wire sketchbook....I usually get the 8.5X11 and I get it cheaper but I gave in because I haven't drawn in FOREVER and I need to draw in a sketchbook because I don't like drawing on loose paper anymore. If the sketchbook isn't to my liking I won't get it. I can work with the one I have. I'm so anal about it but shit I won't like anything I draw unless its in the right kind of book. I have a two specific kinds of sketchbooks I get. This was one of them but in the wrong size and there isn't as many pages so I'll probably go through it quick.

And THATS my sketchbook rant, hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Threadless Design: The $#iT.

UPDATE: Yeah the shit got declined. I might tweak it and resubmit it because I'm not really sure why it was declined? It wasn't graphic or anything..just an iconic looking image of stinky poo. Hmmm I wonder why?

So, I had this idea while ago and never really followed through with it. Since I haven't bought a new sketchbook yet, I've been on Illustrator a lot more playing around with the pen tool and all that. So when it's time to vote, please do!!

~ j.ay

It's a boy!!!

Welcome: Hamilton Robert Lira Gomez

Born: September 23, 2007

Time: 5:28AM

Weight: 7.7 lbs.

Length: 22 in.

We hope all is well.


Sharon and Mike

Yeah, that's right. My cousin Mike and his wife, Sharon had their baby!! So a big Congrats to them both and welcome to the world "Hammy"...that's kinda cute don't ya think..."Hammy"...I so call bragging rights on being the first one to nickname the nephew!

No sketchbook, no sketches

Man it's been a long weekend. And I haven't posted anything new because that Doomsday drawing was the last page of my sketchbook. So...I thought I'd post some random stuff to get your art fix:

Not much went on today, I woke up late which I'm trying to break that I had a late start to my day. I did some work here and there watched some episodes of The Batman season 2 that Hodge let me borrow. I watched the premiere of the new NBC show, CHUCK. I gotta say the pilot episode was really funny/action packed almost borderline cheeseball way but it was nicely done and was surprised to find out that McG of Charlie's Angels fame directed the pilot episode.

Other new shows I'm excited to peep are Reaper and Journeyman.

I can't forget about my NBC Thursday lineup which consists of 30 Rock, Scrubs, Office, and Earl!!

Well, thats it for now!

Tomorrow (er today) is Knocked Up: SE, King of Queens S9, and these guys have a cd coming out that I'm looking forward to peepin'.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Supes Vs. Doomsday sketch by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

I sketched this out after watching the new movie on dvd. Peep it out it's really great! Click on the image for a bigger look and like always you can view the rest of my deviant art gallery on there.


~ J

Grindhouse Presents: Death Proof

A lot going on this past week and more to tell eventually. But I've been trying to keep up with my sketching/doodling every week. So to hold you guys over, I bought Death Proof on dvd not to long ago. I whipped up this Stuntman Mike sketch....and yes, I'm too lazy to draw the car which is the main focal point of the movie. So anyway, here it is. I dig this character a lot and it was good to see more of a movie then what was previously released in theaters. They added about an extra 45 minutes or so of footage and I think it adds to the movie.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome to the Good Life....

This is my favorite song off the new album. I just found the video and it's really cool and I love how he always does different things with his music videos, it adds an all new element to the song.

With all thats happened in the past month, I've had a pretty good week and I'm gonna continue to live the "good life".


You're still here Frank....

Frank! I'm so happy you came to me the other morning (cause I slept in and you knew it too hah) in my dream.

You really spoke to me and gave me that reassurance that everything was going to be ok with our family.

I know I kept pestering you and asking you "What's next for us? Where do we go from here? I know you've told me how optomistic I am but lately, I've been having my doubts."

And you looked at me and said, "I know everything will be fine. You'll figure it out, it's gonna be hard but you guys will get by. Shouldn't that be enough of a reassurance, that I'm telling you right here and right now."

We continued along and revisited the last weeks together and we cracked jokes and you said, "Thanks for calling everyone to come see me and say goodbye." Then we fast forward well after your funeral and into the later weeks of the month. And you were there with us @ Jadda's house before she left for college. Now I know that you are with us all the time.

And in my dream, we talked like how we used to talk those late nights in Bridgeview. And all of a sudden we were back at the house. I was at the foot of the stairs getting ready to go to bed but I didn't want to because I wanted to stay and talk so much more. But, you looked at me and said, "Just talk to me...even though I'm not physically here anymore, I'm still here. Talk to me, I'm listening."

I looked at you and said, "Ok I will. I'm going to go up now I'll see you in the morning." You said, "Yeah I'm gonna get some rest too. Later."

...and as I made my way up the snapped me out of my dream. I woke up with that sense of relief that I've been looking for to some of the questions that you had answered for me. I began to cry because I realized how much I miss you but the tears were still happy because you still reached out to me and comforted me and let me know that everything will be fine.

I love you so much Frank. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pigs In A Blanket: being scored....

UPDATE: I probably clicked the option to not notify me or something...I don't know either way GO VOTE!!!!

WTH? They didn't even send me an email to notify that this thing has been put in the running. Well you guys know what to do!!!

Pigs In A Blanket - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Monday, September 17, 2007

Job Interview, new swag, Panera 4 lunch, gym, and a "Monster" of a double feature

Monday -

I woke up around 9:30 and prepped for a job interview I had out in Oak Lawn. Showered, Google Mapped, got dressed, and headed out the door around 10:30 to make my 11 o' clock appointment.
The entire process took a lil over an hour or so as I was out of there by noon. I felt pretty good about how it went so we'll have to see if they call me back or not.

On the way home, I stopped by Steve & Barry's by the mall to pick up a new "school" bag to carry all my comic stuff and or portfolios in. And since everything was half off, it only cost me like 7 bucks. I picked up some new jeans as well and a "John" shirt.

Visited Frank at the cem. I got back to the house and chilled/worked for an hour or two when I decided I was hungry. Went to Panera bread and brought some work with me. I chilled there for like 2 hours. I had a turkey artichoke sandwich and a cup of broccoli cheddar soup. Hmmmm good. While ate Panera, there was this girl who left her purse and came back in to get it. She was pretty damn cute. Anyways I doodled this sketch based off of her. I like how it turned out, I haven't drawn girls or girl characters in awhile so its always good practice to lay some lines down when you get some inspiration.

After Panera, I drove home and watched tv until about 8 which is when I went to the gym. I got done about 9:15. Stopped off at Wendy's, got a call from Jp. I called back Lanie and stopped to get a Wendy's salad and some Pistachio ice cream for my moms. I took a shower and watched Monster Squad while eating my salad. That movie is still REALLY entertaining after 20 years and yes, Wolfman's got nards. After the movie was over, I popped in Monster House which is on in the BG right now.

I thought I'd post these other sketches up I did of these creature/people things listening to music. I don't know just letting the brain work I guess. They turned out cool the guy one kinda looks like a hellboy character. Tomorrow's Deathproof 2disc, Superman/Doomsday. See ya then kids.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Locked out of my car, Shoot'em Up twice, and WOAH big spendin'!

Wednesday -

So today I was in the mood to spend. After I got home from the gym, I worked for a bit and took a shower. I went to GameStop around 3 in the afternoon and bought two DS games: Drawn to Life by THQ and UbiSoft's Jam Sessions. Both are two very different games but two games I seriously wanted. The first game, Drawn to Life, is basically a creation game where you can create the hero of side scrolling adventure. Also, there are elements where you have to create platforms, weapons, vehicles, and animals. It's really fun and I really emphasized the creative aspect to it. The 2D parts however are kind of simple but that's ok because the fact that you can create parts of the level and the hero of the game makes it worth going through just so you can take like an hour to draw a weapon or some vehicle you need to use in the level. I haven't gotten that far into it because I take so long to draw the different things. That's what I get for being a n artist and super anal wanting my characters to look bad ass.

And for Jam Sessions, the game pretty much simulates guitar playing. As plain as the game sounds, it's really satisfying and you find yourself playing it for hours. Learning chords, adding effects, free playing, and tutorials on how to "strum".

God, I sound like a game review site. Ok...MOVING ON!

On my way to Schaumburg to meet up with Jacy and Eric for our comic book, I stopped by Target to get 30 Rock season 1. Got some gas....for the car.

I rolled into Schaumburg around 5pm and my meet wasn't till 6. So I went to Borders to kill time and was looking for Self Publishing books and browsed through the children's picture books to see what's on the shelfs. (Piece the puzzle together yet?)

After that, I decided to go to Barnes and Noble. I get there, park the car, and get out. The minute that happens I do the motion to put my keys in my pocket but my hand and my pockets were empty. "Where the hell are my keys?"

Yeah I locked them inside.

So I call Jacy up to switch the meet to Barnes and Noble instead. After finding out Jeff's spare keys weren't the spare keys to MY car I got a hold of my Pops. He then tells me to aim my phone at the car and he was gonna aim his car clicker at his phone and he was gonna "transfer" the signal across the phones and open the car. Apparently John told him that works and he saw it on tv. (haha idk) So of course, I'm standing there like an idiot holding my phone up to the car like a power ranger who's about to call out "Mastadon!". All the while, I picture my dad somewhere at a Dominick's aiming his car clicker into the phone like he was shooting it with a gun. After like 5 minutes of this and it not working, he decides to come and open my car. So Jacy, E, and myself head into Barnes and Noble and work on our comic book.

BLAH what a night! Hahah

Thursday -

Thursday was a good day. I woke up and got ready to meet my friend Clare for brunch around 10am. She stopped by the house and said hi to Pop. We went to the Blueberry Mill out in LaGrange because I had eaten there like the weekend before with John and Jax so I wanted to come back there because it was a nice area. I got the spinach, cheddar, bacon omelette.

We talked for a couple of hours while chowin' down. I think we did more talking then chowin' because we got the feeling that they wanted us to leave well after our meal was over. JERKS.

We took a walk to Border's and did some book browsing. I found out Clare reads a lot, which is something I should probably do more of since it'll keep the ole noggin' fresh with ideas. My problem is I've become so visual that I can't read unless it's a graphic novel or art book. So I made a personal note to read more. After the Border's stop, Clare drove around the neighborhood to show me some of the cooler more expensive houses in the area. We headed back and stopped by the cemetary to visit Frank.

We got back to the house and she talked to my dad a bit more before saying bye. I took my mom to get new flowers for the vases. I got back and waited for a bit, played some DS and then headed out to meet he guys: Jeff, Burroughs, E, and Hodge to go see Shoot'Em Up.

Now, I've already seen this movie with Jp and Rafa so I didn't mind going to see it again because it's just a crazy overt the top insane action movie. It was well paced and the cast was so perfect that it made the movie work for what it was.

After that, we went to Steak & Shake to talk about the movie amongst other things. Usually when Jeff and Burroughs are around though, COMICS is the main topic of discussion. After like 2 hours of chatting it up like the crew from Resevoir Dogs we drove back to Jeff's and I drove home. Got home closer to 1am I think. Then I got a phone call and chatted with my friend til about 3 in the morn.

Friday -

I woke up today like around noon or 1pm!! Played DS decided to work out at around 8pm. Not really an exciting day but I did get some things done that I needed to. I thought I'd end the blog with a sweet Shoot'Em Up sketch I did. (Pictured are the 4 main characters: Clive Owen's Mr. Smith w/baby, Paul Giamatti as Mr. Hertz, and Monica Bellucci as Donna Quintano.)

I think I'll call it a night and watch some 30 Rock. (call it night? it's 2am dude!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pigs In A Blanket Tshirt concept to final

Hey all,

The Group Hug scoring has finished and I improved rating wise from my last shirt. I think I scored around 2.41 or so which is better then the 1.80 I scored with my Holphin shirt...haha Holphins. I'm still plugging away and I have another design for ya guys fresh off the submission.

So here's the original sketch that I did and the final you can click on below:

Pigs In A Blanket - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Monday, September 10, 2007

Shots from the weekend...

About the drawing: I was drawing this sketch of a cow "milking" at a urinal and the head shot is a caricature of Kevin Bacon's character in his new movie, Death Sentence. The main drawing is an Emo kid that I saw waiting at the bus stop by the local Walgreens. He looked so sad and I think he was not waiting for the bus but for his mom to pick him up. But he was like in and around the bus stop because the sun makes his heart bleed. UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the Emo kid's hair was blue and his tears were making the beautiful roses die.

Friday -

Not too much went down, I spent most the day in the room planning out my children's book which is on the way folks! More details SURELY to follow as it becomes more and more real!! I'm really excited about it. My parent's went to a 50th Wedding Anniversary and I invited Jp and Jax to dinner. Of course that means I didn't have to cook or anything but we were gonna go out to eat. We hit up Steve & Barry's first and I decided that I need to buy some stuff from there. Jeans, shorts, shirts, shoes, Jack Bauer can't go wrong with all that stuff under 10 dollars. Ended up eating at Chili's, had a Cobb Salad hmmmm "cobby".

Went to Hollywood and rented The Lookout (really really great movie). If you're into character dramas or heist films that movie has both elements. Also rented John Woo's Stranglehold for Xbox360. That game is just too fun. John ended up taking advantage of previously viewed 4 for 20. He picked up Artie Lange's Beer League, My Super-Ex Girlfriend, The Matador (for me!!) and um...crap drawing a blank. Some other movie that's good.

Came back to the house and played Stranglehold til the wee hours.

Saturday -

Not much planned some of the family stopped over after a cemetery visit. Waited until about 7ish where Rafa, Jp, and myself took in Shoot'Em Up. This movie was great. It was silly, over the top, funny as hell, and violent. It's exactly what I wanted from it. However we got a lil bit more out of it from it's players: Paul Giamatti, Clive Owen, and goddess that is Monica Bellucci. Sure there wasn't that much character or plot development but who cares the people had fun making the movie and you should have fun watching it.

Sunday -

Went to brunch with Jp and Jax and came back to watch the bear's game...but I played Stranglehold all afternoon. Family came by and we had a bbq/lay around day. TIRED AS HELL...knocked out after watching a few episodes of Samurai Jack.

Monday - Started my gym enrollment thanks to my aunt. Took it slow in the morning and came back workout with LnK. Came home and played more forward blogging now.

End transmission.

Walking with the music...

This is an idea I've been messing around with for a new t-shirt design. I'm gonna try take a stab at something more with a design appeal. Instead of characters slapped on the shirt I want to incorporate the shirt as part of the canvas and design. So it's still in progress but I got a lot more ideas in the works! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Popeye sketches

Quick update, I KNOW I forgot the anchor tattoo on his forearm.

Hey more to report later, but I thought I'd post these Popeye sketches I did this weekend while I finish watching "The Matador". I'm out this. See y'all tomorrow.

Friday, September 07, 2007

All In The Family: The Many Faces of HappySlip complete!!

HappySlip by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Earlier in the week, I put up some sketches I did of the HappySlip family members. Today, I was able to finish the fan piece and make it look all fancy!! Enjoy! And thanks for making the videos 'Slip.

~ j.ay

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Joker and Harley Quinn

The Joker and Harley Quinn by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

My buddy Jacy drew this really awesome picture of the Joker and Harley. I asked him if I can color it. This was the end product. I think it turned out better then I thought and I hope to do more tag team art attacks with him. I think this is the first time I've actually colored his stuff because he's colored and inked a bunch of mine. Check out his gallery, he's awesome!

~ j.ay

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More girls...

So today was a pretty boring semi-productive day. I woke up and as I was stretching I knocked over my tea cup off of the nightstand and it broke. "CRAP", I said. I rolled over and then woke up an hour later to clean it up. HAHA

I finished watching the rest of The Office Season 3 and then went to visit Frank with my mom. I met the Bacs there as they were visiting Frank as well. We headed off and my mom had me take her places to buy clothes for some 50th Wedding Anniversary for some friend of my dads. So I was waiting for her @ Dress Barn, then Payless, then Wal-Mart, then Target, and finally Kohl's. I did score a brown zip up hoody though! I want to get patches put on it but I don't know what. Also, as I was waiting for my mom, I noticed all these girls walking around.

Girls that wear really baggy hoodies with short shorts, or girls that wear hats, or girls with glasses seem to catch my eye quite a bit. Also I have a thing for red heads and big curls...or like giant fuzzy afros....haha ANYWAYS. That was the inspiration for these recent sketches. Plus its always good practice posing and drawing the figure, which is something I haven't really done in a good long while. But I'm happy with how they all turned not bad for using an office pen.

I rounded out the night watching some Office Episodes w/ Commentary and semi-started this movie called, 2002,which is kind of like an asian Ghostbusters. But I stopped it and then put in the last disc of Nip/Tuck season 3 and fired up the ole PC to blog this latest post.

Nighty night.

~ j.ay

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I drew this quick sketch of Jubilee last night and a couple weeks back I tried to draw like a teenage version of Shadowcat. It came out looking more like ShadowKIT. I think the paw prints on the jeans was a bit much. But I got the idea from walking around Wizard World and seeing those cute girls wearing the hats with the ears on them. I'm probably gonna give the design another go but still keeping the hat as a main piece of the outfit. Well looky here, almost 2am. I got some Office Season 3 to finish. All in all I didn't get as much done as I wanted to today but the four day weekend took out a lot of my energy to do anything productive and or creative. So hopefully I can bounce back and start laying out more skethes AND finished pieces for my deviant...which I haven't posted on in five-ever....(yeah thats more then forever).

- j.ay

Know Thyself...

I had time to draw this over the weekend. I haven't drawn myself in awhile and I was thinking of updating my profile pics on my myspace or facebook with a new drawing of me. Done entirely in black pen. Enjoy. I plan on coloring it or doing something with it.

A laid back Tuesday...

So Tuesday rolls around and I wake up like 10 in the morn. I go visit Frank early and head off to Best Buy to get The Office Season 3. The rest of the day is pretty much me watching the season while I work on the computer. As I'm writing this post, I'm about halfway through Disc 3 of the 4 disc set. Also, I get my amazon orders in the mail: Sex is Zero, Next Wave Vol. 2: I Kick Your Face, and Maintenance Vol. 1. I actually finished Sex Is Zero while I typed up the last post. If you don't know what that is, it's Korea's answer to the cinematic masterpiece Porky's. It's a really funny movie and some parts had me rolling. Not so surprised that they whipped up a little drama and bitter sweetness at near the end of the film. I'm so stoked I got two new graphic novels as well because I just wrapped up The Surrogates which is a really awesome piece of science fiction. The main baddie of the book also happens to be my latest sketch from my book. This is SteepleJack. I want to try and color it in the style that the book was colored in but with my line work.

Labor Day Weekend

"What a Long Strange Trip It's Been"....I'm gonna try and recall the last four days but they all kind of merged into one giant long day of family, food, and just plain fun with the cousins.

Friday -

I woke up in the early afternoon. I really didn't do much until Hodge came over. I drew in my sketchbook and read more of The Surrogates. Hodge came by around 2:45. We sat around for a bit and I looked up show times for Death Sentence. We decided on 4:45 and hit the golf range for about an hour. It was good times, we hit some golf balls and he kept me up to date on what was going on with the Schaumburg crew.

We headed to the theater and sat through Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon.

It was about 2 hours or so and it was everything on wanted from the movie. It was a drama/thriller which had some really good dramatic scenes which was all build up to the amazing action sequences. I noticed that they did that in segments which was a good idea to keep up with the pace of the film. So after a set of dramatic moments and character interactions, it would just go all out with the violence and action. Kevin Bacon gave a really believable performance. At times it was very heart wrenching to see his transformation from a father trying to take matters into his own hands and ultimately losing control of the situations and himself. It was very exciting to watch and it had one of the best chase sequences I've seen in a film in a good while.

(The chase in Point Break is really awesome too!)

After the movie, we drive back to my house to find Em, Auntie Putchie, and Kev stopping by the house. Soon after a lot of the cousins swing by. Hodge and I start up some pool and the cousins end up going to Jadda's house for some din din. I meet up with them later as Hodge, my dad, and I play some cut throat.

After two or three games, Hodge and I head over to Jadda's house where we eat some dinner. After that, we head back to my house and Hodge opens up his 6 demon bag. He brought some asian movies, the first season of Heroes, and this ps2 game called Person 3. He shows me Persona 3 for about an hour or so which is a really interesting rpg. I don't usually get into RPGs at all because I'm impatient but everything about this game is really cool. From the concept art, the characters, the animation, the soundtrack, and the gameplay, the entire game was bizarre but in a cool way. It kept my interest the whole time I was watching him play. After that, showed him this game I got called Urban Chaos. It's first person shooter about a Riot Response Cop. After that, we play some Naruto 2: Ultimate Ninja into the wee hours. He leaves at about close to 2am. I knock out watching disc 5 of Nip/Tuck season 3.


I wake up to people's voices in my house..which was like 1:30 in the afternoon I believe. Kj came home from ISU for the weekend and she was here visiting. Eventually by 3 or 4, all the cousins were over and we had a small bbq. Nothing fancy or too big. Played some games, watched movies, ate, and hung out. Oh, my friend Jason came by with his girlfriend Amanda and shared in some of the festivities with us. I was mostly in my room that day playing Guitar Hero but as it was getting late, it turns out a bunch of the cousins were REALLY into jumping rope. We all at one point did it. And I had this tendency to get faster as I jump. Played some pool as other then those specific things, I don't remember much else from Saturday because...


...was like a repeat performance. A lot of the adults were organizing for John to make some thank you cards while Kj, Em, and Jax prepared a list of names from the guestbook that was @ the wake. Then it kind of rolled into...


...where everyone pitched in and help finished the stamping, the stickering, and the stuffing. Monday went into late hours as well, played some BIGS on the 360 and listened to music while most of the girls were in my room watching movies. SUPER TIRED by the day's end.

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UPDATE: I had a pretty awesome busy weekend...I'll tell you more about it's not really a "3am, time to post something" kind of update. heh Oh and I have some sketches laid down too, nothing big's something right?

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