Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sunday into Monday

I had a long weekend. I'm too lazy to talk about it in detail though.

Hit up Dreamland and picked up the final issue of Sidekick. There was some Red Star action, then browsed around circuit city, then my friend's car died, left it there, played Sing Star(eh), slept over, took my friend to his car, called tow truck driver, drove him to dealership, then jimmy john's, then took him to work. Drove home. Back by 3, slept til 8. It was all a blur.

Here's some sketches for you! My fav is the Penguin sketch I did. I might do a full drawing of that. You can see the prelim venom sketches I did before the final I posted on here earlier. There is also a space man and a karate guy who kinda looks like Marlon Brando.

Well I'm hitting the bed. TMNT tomrrow!!!!

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