Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stardust, Rush Hour 3, iBot, and bowling.

UPDATE - 9.13.07 I just noticed in this post I didn't mention that I went bowling with my cousins yet its in the subject line. HAHA

So I've been some what sick this past week. I think it was something I ate but my stomach was not very happy with me earlier in the week. Anyways, haven't done a whole lot sketch wise. But I did manage to get myself out of bed yesterday and peep Stardust and Rush Hour 3.

Stardust was really awesome. I'm not big on the fantasy stuff but I really liked this one. I think it was the cast and the overall humor of it all that kept me entertained throughout the whole thing. It was overall warm and funny without coming off childish and cheesy. I've been saying it reminds me of the time I first watched The Princess Bride. There was a lot of well written characters and funny dialogue that added to the overall entertainment of the movie. So it was kind of like that but with WAY better special effects. The effects too weren't over the top or too fake, they were just the right amount to the sense that it all belongs and fits well into the world that you're watching.

Rush Hour 3 however was bad. Some of the jokes were kinda old and the action was pretty "hollywood". The movie should have come out like 3 year ago and it probably would've been handled better. I still went and saw it because the first one was so great and the second effort wasn't that bad but this third one pretty much kills the franchise. I wanted to like it but there wasn't enough content for me to enjoy. I feel bad for Jackie Chan because the last couple of his american film efforts were really poor....but I still love the guy and he's still the man to me.

Later that night I watched Metropolis. There's some cool robot designs in there and I started sketching this iPod robot thing. Like what if apple made an actual robot that you could plug your iPod into and like make it dance do all kinds of stuff. What if it was life size too, like the size of a 6 year old kid or something. So these were my two attempts at recreating that. I stopped drawing the bulky superhero type and drew this Mega-Man-esque version instead. I like the dials on the left and right hands would adjust the left and right shoulder speakers. Also, the iBot has to have some "kicks" and a "B-Boy" hat.

Well some more Friends tonight and then possibly off to the con with JipDaddy (haha).

~ j.ay

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