Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Iron Man, Austin Powers?, CHUCK NORRIS?!

I did some loose sketches last night and today depicting "action" shots. After watching the Iron Man movie footage from Comic-Con, I attempted an Iron Man drawing.

THEN this morning, I woke up and kinda laid around in bed for a bit before I actually got up. I clicked onto USA and they air Walker Texas Ranger episodes in the afternoon. I caught the tail end of one and it was like Walker Texas Ranger (yes you have to say the whole thing) riding in on a horse chasing after I guy dressed up as a knight from Medieval Times. I guess the bad guys thought they could get away from Walker....Texas Ranger by hiding out in a medieval themed dinner and a show restaurant. Apparently Walker Texas Ranger will find you and back kick the shit out of you. It was the funniest thing ever: a texas ranger fighting a goon dressed up as a knight.

Later on that night, saw that Austin Powers was on and caught a few minutes of it. It was the part where they unfreeze him and do the cliche' "scroll up in slow-mo to reveal the hot ass Elizabeth Hurley shot".

So all these sketches show some sort of action pose and thought I'd put them all in a post. It was a good set of exercises for me because I did them all in pen and I couldn't erase and thats always a big problem for me. So it gave me a chance to get the type of pose I want and not having to go back to tweak anything.

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