Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Hey dude, fill up on catsup" der der der...

So after I hit up Best Buy for Hot Fuzz (go see it) and Superman: The Movie, I went to a Wendy's for some lunch before I had to meet up with the comic crew which was going to be @ 6. I got this Chicken Cordon Bleu sammich meal and it was pretty good. Anyways, these two dumbass kids were there and it's like they were straight outta Dazed and Confused as like "stoner" extras or something.

They started to annoy me once they walked in because one of the had a velcro wallet that was attached to like a chain pants thing and he had like 3 dollars on his person. They both ordered large fries and split a fruit punch which they thought was ORANGE drink. They couldn't tell by the color OR the taste they just kept saying "this orange isn't like sunkist". THEN as they were eating, the one dude turns on his phone to the music player and he's like playing some horrible rap music all loud and like dancing in his chair. I was like "whaaat!?" * sigh.

Then they went to get ketchup for their fries and they were being jackasses and overflowing the ketchup in the tiny cups all over the counter. One of the register ladies was like "HEY don't be stupid and make a mess!" So they went back to their seats with like ketchup cup mess all over their hands..and they thought it was funny!!? WTF?

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