Thursday, August 30, 2007

Francis N. Remolana 1982 - 2007

I haven't posted anything in a long while because recently, my cousin Francis passed away. I've wanted to post about this but I haven't figured out what I wanted to say. So many things have been on my mind. So, I thought an open letter might be the best. Instead of talk about him, I'd like to talk to him.

Hey Frank, You are more then just a cousin to me. You are my brother and I am really going to miss you. The way you would help me out when I just needed to vent or I was frustrated with the things that were going on with me. You always took the time to listen and you were so smart and intelligent and you knew always how to make me feel at ease. It's never going to be the same without you here. I'm gonna miss all our stupid inside jokes, the countless faces you make, and most of all I'm going to miss the 5 dollar movie bins we dig through at Wal-Mart. How can I make piles by myself? They're gonna fall all over the floor!! (haha) I've told this story many times in the past weeks on how we spent the entire week at the house playing games, "working", and hanging out when my parents were on vacation. It was probably the best week of my life because it gave us a taste of what having our own place would be like someday. That was motivation enough to better myself personally and professionally because it was so much fun and we both wanted that for each other. Our place was going to be the "hang out" where the cousins could come and we can all be together. It's what you always wanted, for us to be united. You never wanted anyone to worry about you and you always took care of everyone before you handled your own. You were built with big shoulders so you can carry everyone on your back and you still do now. There's no one like you Frank. You have a big heart and endless courage, which you didn't mind sharing. I love you so much man, and I'm being strong just like you were all your life. I feel these next couple of years will be the hardest for everyone but with you guiding and watching us, I think we will be just fine. We are forever going to persue that happiness in life that you so wanted for yourself and you were achieving each step no matter how big or small. Because like you said bro, "the meaning of life is to be happy."

Take care always,

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Steve said...

Thanks for posting this.

I have been searching the web about Frank. I never met him.
I feel he`s my cousin, too.