Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bourne 3 mini review, and the 3rd angel

Not to bad of a day for being on two hours of sleep. Went and saw Bourne Ultimatum today. There was a lot of OLD people there. So the theater had this scent of popcorn, bengay, and really old lady perfume all mixed in one. It was not pleasant. The movie however was really great except I don't like the style it was shot in. The "docu-drama" style as it's described. It's really shaky and I kinda got a headache more from that then the perfume popcorn smell combo. But it didn't take me away from the story, characters, and the action was just awesome as usual. Go see it, worth the ticket.

And I drew this Sachiel drawing from Evangelion because my friend bought the Platinum Edition Slim Set and just finished watching it. So we were talking about how great the show was and I was doodling in my book and I eventually popped in the first disc. Man that show is so awesome.

And I know the drawing has nothing to do with Matt Damon or the Bourne Ultimatum but it's a SKETCH BLOG too haha.

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