Friday, August 31, 2007

All In The Family: The Many Faces of HappySlip

So I found out about a while back from my brother, Jeff. And ever since then I haven't laughed so hard at anything else on the internet. I think (like with all filipinos you've seen her videos) they just connect so much with the quirkiness and togetherness you see in any filipino american family household. So as a thank you to Happy Slip and to get back into my drawing, I sketched out some of the more familiar faces of the Happy Slip world. I plan on doing a more finished wallpaper type of piece later this weekend. I thought I would post this now because..well it's Happy Slip and she's amazing! Cheers!

~ j.ay

Thursday, August 30, 2007

At Rest....

R.I.P. Frank by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

“The meaning of life is to be happy… Life is full of obstacles, it’s also full of overcoming them. Then and only then, are we truly happy.”

“As I look back on past ‘mistakes’, I now realize that there are no mistakes in life, only lessons. What I once viewed as mistakes, now serve as building blocks for future decisions”

~ Francis N. Remonlana
Born October 23, 1982. At Rest August 13, 2007.

Please sign Francis' Guestbook and Obit.

Francis N. Remolana 1982 - 2007

I haven't posted anything in a long while because recently, my cousin Francis passed away. I've wanted to post about this but I haven't figured out what I wanted to say. So many things have been on my mind. So, I thought an open letter might be the best. Instead of talk about him, I'd like to talk to him.

Hey Frank, You are more then just a cousin to me. You are my brother and I am really going to miss you. The way you would help me out when I just needed to vent or I was frustrated with the things that were going on with me. You always took the time to listen and you were so smart and intelligent and you knew always how to make me feel at ease. It's never going to be the same without you here. I'm gonna miss all our stupid inside jokes, the countless faces you make, and most of all I'm going to miss the 5 dollar movie bins we dig through at Wal-Mart. How can I make piles by myself? They're gonna fall all over the floor!! (haha) I've told this story many times in the past weeks on how we spent the entire week at the house playing games, "working", and hanging out when my parents were on vacation. It was probably the best week of my life because it gave us a taste of what having our own place would be like someday. That was motivation enough to better myself personally and professionally because it was so much fun and we both wanted that for each other. Our place was going to be the "hang out" where the cousins could come and we can all be together. It's what you always wanted, for us to be united. You never wanted anyone to worry about you and you always took care of everyone before you handled your own. You were built with big shoulders so you can carry everyone on your back and you still do now. There's no one like you Frank. You have a big heart and endless courage, which you didn't mind sharing. I love you so much man, and I'm being strong just like you were all your life. I feel these next couple of years will be the hardest for everyone but with you guiding and watching us, I think we will be just fine. We are forever going to persue that happiness in life that you so wanted for yourself and you were achieving each step no matter how big or small. Because like you said bro, "the meaning of life is to be happy."

Take care always,

Group Hug

Group Hug - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Hi all, it's been a long time since I've posted anything creative. I'm having a tough time focusing on anything right now but this kind of came to me last night and I just sent this design into threadless. Feel free to check it out. It's still pending approval but once it is, please vote!

Love you "smore",

~ j.ay

Monday, August 13, 2007


You didn't think I was gonna leave you hanging like that with not sketch or artwork? NAhhhhhh

So here's a pencil sketch of Leonardo, doing his best Robin Hood impression from the new TMNT movie. When I first saw it, this was one of the cooler images from the beginning that I really liked and stuck in my head. Don't get me wrong every still frame of this movie is worth hanging up in a picture frame.

Well, mine's nothing compared to the original because it was in CG and it was lit all cool and mysterious with the heavy shadows and the light cutting through the trees. I liked how my drawing turned out though! hee hee

Enjoy! Laters all...

Wizard World '07

So I ended up going to Wizard World with Johnny Mo today. It was his first time there so I was happy that he came with and we decided to go. We got there around 10:30ish. We walked around the floor for a good 3 hours and soaked but the size of it all. Then we did our window shopping and stopped by artist alley to peep Serena's stuff. My older bro, Jeff, was there on the scene doing the supporting thing and embracing his comic geekiness haha (you're awesome Jeff). She was knee deep in commissions so we said we would come back later before we left the convention. There were some highlights like meeting one of the prop guys from Evil Dead II who let us hold a "stunt copy" of the Necronomicon. MAN, I wish I got a picture of that.

Anyways I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. It's always a good time to go to a Wizard World. Man, be prepared to spend money though. I actually went home a little "light" this year. I ended up walking away with the View Askew Exclusive Kevin Smith Pillow Pants InAction Figure and The Surrogates trade paperback. I didn't know much about it but I met the writer, Robert Venditti and he was nice enough to sign my copy. He also mentioned a bit of information about the project being developed into a film, here's the link to that article. I'm excited to start reading it.

Here's some pics of the stuff I walked away with. I'm tired and I have Friends Season 5 to watch...Jason caught up to me!

This is G.O.O.D. Music

Johnny Mo went to a Common release concert/q&a for his new album, "Finding Forever". I was sick last week and I didn't get a chance to go (plus I forgot) but being the good brother that he is, he hooked me up with an autograph copy of the cd. I'm listening to it as we speak. I'm using this time to really absorb it and I gotta say it's really good so far. I'm about halfway through. I wish I followed him from the beginning before he really blew up last year with "Be", but I didn't really listen to a lot of music.

I discovered bands and found the type of music and groups I liked to listen to when I was in college. Before then, I don't ever really remember owning a music cd aside from movie soundtracks. But once I was in college I developed a taste for different things from listening to roommates' cds and being more vocal about what I liked. I say my taste is very broad and I liked most music except country and techno. But my top artists would have to be Joss Stone, Jurassic 5, Norah Jones, Gorillaz, Jin, and Ice Cube....gotta give it up to my man Cube.

Thanks Johnny for hooking me up with a copy of the cd, good lookin' out man. BROTHERRRRR!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Movies I love: The 'Burbs

Come on! The 'Burbs! How can you not like this movie?! It's got Corey Feldman. Ok maybe that is not a reason to like it but I think when I was little I enjoyed watching this movie because of how dark the humor was at the time. To me it had a Looney Tunes aspect to it because of the crazy scenarios like Art getting electrocuted and the Klopeks' house blowing up. Hope I didn't spoil anything but the movie is like 16 years old. Still, I think this movie is partly responsible of my paranoia of suburban life when I moved out here back in '95. Shady characters, annoying kids, stuck up neighbors, and dogs that take craps on your lawn...ahhh the suburban life. Anyways one of my favorite moments in the movie is when Art finds a femur bone that Ray's (Tom Hanks) dog digs up. He slowly looks up and says, "Ray, this is Walter!" And then they scream at the top of their lungs as the camera zooms in back and forth on their expressions! Classic. If you know the scene you know what I'm talking about.

Anyways I watched this the other day and it just gets funnier and funnier and you tend to notice things the more you watch it. There's this one scene where Art is eating all the breakfast food that Ray's wife (Carrie Fisher) cooks and he uses up the syrup and so he goes to the fridge and puts it back. Then he comes back and pulls out a NEW bottle of syrup, leftover ribs, and a pineapple. HAHA what the shit is that?! I don't know about you but I found that hilarious for some reason.

Anyhoo, here's a drawing from the famous scene I talked about before. I plan to color this up and all that jazz. (Yeah I know I've been saying that alot lately but I do mean to finish something sometime.)

Stardust, Rush Hour 3, iBot, and bowling.

UPDATE - 9.13.07 I just noticed in this post I didn't mention that I went bowling with my cousins yet its in the subject line. HAHA

So I've been some what sick this past week. I think it was something I ate but my stomach was not very happy with me earlier in the week. Anyways, haven't done a whole lot sketch wise. But I did manage to get myself out of bed yesterday and peep Stardust and Rush Hour 3.

Stardust was really awesome. I'm not big on the fantasy stuff but I really liked this one. I think it was the cast and the overall humor of it all that kept me entertained throughout the whole thing. It was overall warm and funny without coming off childish and cheesy. I've been saying it reminds me of the time I first watched The Princess Bride. There was a lot of well written characters and funny dialogue that added to the overall entertainment of the movie. So it was kind of like that but with WAY better special effects. The effects too weren't over the top or too fake, they were just the right amount to the sense that it all belongs and fits well into the world that you're watching.

Rush Hour 3 however was bad. Some of the jokes were kinda old and the action was pretty "hollywood". The movie should have come out like 3 year ago and it probably would've been handled better. I still went and saw it because the first one was so great and the second effort wasn't that bad but this third one pretty much kills the franchise. I wanted to like it but there wasn't enough content for me to enjoy. I feel bad for Jackie Chan because the last couple of his american film efforts were really poor....but I still love the guy and he's still the man to me.

Later that night I watched Metropolis. There's some cool robot designs in there and I started sketching this iPod robot thing. Like what if apple made an actual robot that you could plug your iPod into and like make it dance do all kinds of stuff. What if it was life size too, like the size of a 6 year old kid or something. So these were my two attempts at recreating that. I stopped drawing the bulky superhero type and drew this Mega-Man-esque version instead. I like the dials on the left and right hands would adjust the left and right shoulder speakers. Also, the iBot has to have some "kicks" and a "B-Boy" hat.

Well some more Friends tonight and then possibly off to the con with JipDaddy (haha).

~ j.ay

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sunday into Monday

I had a long weekend. I'm too lazy to talk about it in detail though.

Hit up Dreamland and picked up the final issue of Sidekick. There was some Red Star action, then browsed around circuit city, then my friend's car died, left it there, played Sing Star(eh), slept over, took my friend to his car, called tow truck driver, drove him to dealership, then jimmy john's, then took him to work. Drove home. Back by 3, slept til 8. It was all a blur.

Here's some sketches for you! My fav is the Penguin sketch I did. I might do a full drawing of that. You can see the prelim venom sketches I did before the final I posted on here earlier. There is also a space man and a karate guy who kinda looks like Marlon Brando.

Well I'm hitting the bed. TMNT tomrrow!!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Venom - lines by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

That'd be cool if venom looked like this instead of Topher Grace acting like Eric from That 70's Show covered in tar.


A quick Chewbacca sketch I did a couple days ago.

Not much went on today. Garge work. The Host (pretty good movie) The end.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fun with Matt Damon.

HAHA I saw this video on joblo and it's freaking hilarious. Here's the setup, Matt Damon did this long running skit with Jimmy Kimmel where he always runs out of time and he ends each show with "My apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time." Then he came on Kimmel and pretended to be pissed off when it happened the umpteenth time:

So now that Matt has Bourne 3 coming out, Kimmel thought that parking lot security guard, Guillermo could be better suited for the "Yayson Bourne" role: ENJOY!!!

Here's a bonus Matt Damon video on the premiere of Ocean's 13:

Bourne 3 mini review, and the 3rd angel

Not to bad of a day for being on two hours of sleep. Went and saw Bourne Ultimatum today. There was a lot of OLD people there. So the theater had this scent of popcorn, bengay, and really old lady perfume all mixed in one. It was not pleasant. The movie however was really great except I don't like the style it was shot in. The "docu-drama" style as it's described. It's really shaky and I kinda got a headache more from that then the perfume popcorn smell combo. But it didn't take me away from the story, characters, and the action was just awesome as usual. Go see it, worth the ticket.

And I drew this Sachiel drawing from Evangelion because my friend bought the Platinum Edition Slim Set and just finished watching it. So we were talking about how great the show was and I was doodling in my book and I eventually popped in the first disc. Man that show is so awesome.

And I know the drawing has nothing to do with Matt Damon or the Bourne Ultimatum but it's a SKETCH BLOG too haha.

Friday, August 03, 2007


UPDATE: Here's the colored version:
ZombMe by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

This is me RIGHT NOW. I seriously went to bed @ 5am and woke up to my dad pounding on my door telling me I have to go pick up my moms fresh outta work. This was @ 6:45am as the pounding of the door absorbed into my headache. Apparently there's an appointment he forgot about and he just headed out the door. I thought I'd do this quick post right before I stepped out so you guys know what I look and feel like. (cool how I had the sketch all ready for ya right? *natch)


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Iron Man, Austin Powers?, CHUCK NORRIS?!

I did some loose sketches last night and today depicting "action" shots. After watching the Iron Man movie footage from Comic-Con, I attempted an Iron Man drawing.

THEN this morning, I woke up and kinda laid around in bed for a bit before I actually got up. I clicked onto USA and they air Walker Texas Ranger episodes in the afternoon. I caught the tail end of one and it was like Walker Texas Ranger (yes you have to say the whole thing) riding in on a horse chasing after I guy dressed up as a knight from Medieval Times. I guess the bad guys thought they could get away from Walker....Texas Ranger by hiding out in a medieval themed dinner and a show restaurant. Apparently Walker Texas Ranger will find you and back kick the shit out of you. It was the funniest thing ever: a texas ranger fighting a goon dressed up as a knight.

Later on that night, saw that Austin Powers was on and caught a few minutes of it. It was the part where they unfreeze him and do the cliche' "scroll up in slow-mo to reveal the hot ass Elizabeth Hurley shot".

So all these sketches show some sort of action pose and thought I'd put them all in a post. It was a good set of exercises for me because I did them all in pen and I couldn't erase and thats always a big problem for me. So it gave me a chance to get the type of pose I want and not having to go back to tweak anything.

"Hey dude, fill up on catsup" der der der...

So after I hit up Best Buy for Hot Fuzz (go see it) and Superman: The Movie, I went to a Wendy's for some lunch before I had to meet up with the comic crew which was going to be @ 6. I got this Chicken Cordon Bleu sammich meal and it was pretty good. Anyways, these two dumbass kids were there and it's like they were straight outta Dazed and Confused as like "stoner" extras or something.

They started to annoy me once they walked in because one of the had a velcro wallet that was attached to like a chain pants thing and he had like 3 dollars on his person. They both ordered large fries and split a fruit punch which they thought was ORANGE drink. They couldn't tell by the color OR the taste they just kept saying "this orange isn't like sunkist". THEN as they were eating, the one dude turns on his phone to the music player and he's like playing some horrible rap music all loud and like dancing in his chair. I was like "whaaat!?" * sigh.

Then they went to get ketchup for their fries and they were being jackasses and overflowing the ketchup in the tiny cups all over the counter. One of the register ladies was like "HEY don't be stupid and make a mess!" So they went back to their seats with like ketchup cup mess all over their hands..and they thought it was funny!!? WTF?


Superman by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Keeping the Superman topic going, I got the Superman: The Movie 4 disc special edition yesterday at a dvd/cd/game buy back store called Disc Replay. It was like 15 bucks or something so I was pretty damn happy to pick it up. There wasn't a scratch on any of the discs but one of the cases looks like it went through shark week, but thats ok.

Anyways, I drew this while watching it today and was really pleased with how it turned out. If you know me, I've had this convo with you before and it's that I can't draw Superman for some reason. I've attempted many time but each time, it looked like crap to me and I would always tear it up or rip it out of my sketchbook. So I was feeling pretty good as I was laying down the lines for this one. I took one look at it when I finished the "S" and I was like WOW my first REAL Superman drawing. I think I'm gonna color this one and the Doomsday and put the finished on my deviant.