Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Super Chick

Right after I ranted about not sketching enough I stayed up (almost 3am mind you) and sketched this girl. It didn't take me long but I'm only posting now because I got distracted with the internets and talked to my cousin Jason about anime for a bit. Then I was like watching some youtube videos or something. Anyhoo...

Don't you want to hang out with her and talk comics and movies all day?
I've never come across a cool comic book chick that I really dug. I've met some before but they didn't share the same interests (comic and movie wise) as me so they were into some shit that I wasn't diggin'. So anyways I had fun posing this character and the countless hours staring at victoria secret catalogs paid off.

Seriously though, I felt that it was a great way to study shape, proportions, and poses. I found it a great help. So for all you artists out there who want to learn how to draw women better, get a victoria catalog flip through the pages and find a pose you like and try to capture it on paper. Eventually when you get the form down you can begin to give it a sense of your own style. Then play with the proportions a bit and make them rounder or make them lengthier, whatever you like!

Thats it for now, have at it!

~ j.ay

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