Sunday, July 01, 2007

Review: Live Free, Die Hard

I was scared that the fourth installment of the Die Hard franchise was gonna suck. But I'm glad I was wrong. I was kind of getting tired of the "summer of sequels" because it proves to me that there's not alot of meat and potatoes in films anymore. But when I came out of this movie, it brought me back to the old action movies I used to watch when I was a kid and proves another point that movies back then were much better and something old can be new again. I mean they basically did that with the third movie, Die Hard With A Vengeance. They took a movie called Simon Says and threw the John McClane character into the hero role. Here, they took the John McClane character and put him into a post 9/11 world where he still doesn't understand the tech and fancy computers.

"A Timex watch in a digital world". A lot of action heroes now a days rely on fancy kicking and computer generated effect but John McClane still proves that you can just beat the crap out of someone the good old fashioned way and survive. OF COURSE some of the things he has survived in this movie are outrageous and even in the earlier ones as well but seriously, who better then John McClane to save the day. He's just a guy doing his job thrown into some crazy shit and then the assholes try and make it personal and he gets mad and kicks your ass.

As far as the rest of the cast goes, it wasn't too bad. The villians were ok nothing really stood out like "Hans Gruber style". I haven't seen Tim Olyphant in much but he did an ok job as the cyber terrorist, Gabriel. I also enjoyed the fight between Willis and Maggie Q from M.I:3. Oh and how can I not mention Kevin Smith who played the hacker, Warlock. He was just too funny and his "command center" was splashed with all kinds of Star Wars stuff I'm sure theres a section his View Askew offices that looks exactly like that. haha

The action is just over the top and adrenaline pumped but I didn't mind it while I was watching it. I didn't stop to be like, "that can't really happen" or "he couldn't have survived that" because I was too into the action and cheering McClane on. I mean sure he almost seems superhuman near the movie's final act but whatever assholes kidnapped his daughter and he's just a guy doing his job.

It's been a long time since I've seen a good action movie like that in the theaters. You know how there are some movies where you go watch them and you tell your friends "just wait for video" 'cause it wasn't that great. This is NOT one of them. I mean it's a loud movie and you can't really get that kind of in your face action sitting on your bean bag chair watching at home.

So go watch it because it's Bruce Willis and a big welcome back to the role that made him famous.

I also drew this fan art piece of one the more famous scenes in the first movie. ENJOY!

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