Monday, July 30, 2007

Pool Party

Haven't blogged in a long while and it's because my weekend as been filled up with playing pool and going out. It's the weekend whatdya want from me?!! Anyways, my weekend actually started on like a Thursday because thats when the pool table came in. So we pretty much barbequed and played pool like all weekend, except for Saturday. Emil, Kj, and myself went to Lanie's birthday beach thing which was @ The North Ave. beach downtown. Afterwords, Kj Em, and I went to Joy Yee's by UIC. That was some good eats, first time I ever ate there. We ordered safe and didn't try anything to exotic: shrimp fried rice, sesame chicken, and korean spicy dumplings. When I got back around 10ish there was more people at the house testing out the new pool. Talk about "party all the time"!! By the time Sunday hit I was tired as heck. So I chilled and played some Bigs with Frank.

So here's some pictures of the pool table getting much use this weekend...seriously it was like Thursday - Saturday non stop pool!


PS - I want to post up the entire garage makeover series on my due time because it's ilke 5 folders of pictures!! But here's some choice pictures of the brand new table. More to post soon!

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