Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On The Island, invaded by Zim.

Before I went to Ihop, I went to Target to get some clothes. Mostly socks because I keep losing them in the dryer, damn Sokmunsters!

After that, I went to Circuit City because I've been wanting to see the ridiculous action movie Bad Boys II for like a week now. I don't really know why but I think it might be because of this.
I also think I had this weird dream that I was watching it because that scene where the cars were being thrown at them was like in my dream or something. Anyways I went to Circuit City and saw that they had it. Then I put it back because I thought of a Michael Bay film that I actually liked which was "The Island". I think I have mentioned it once or twice on this blog before. ANYWAYS probably like everyone in the world right now you're asking, "Why do you like that movie?".

I don't know, it's got a great cast and the action is really fast paced. Scarlett Johansson & Ewan McGregor are both great in it and the story I like more then giant f*ckin' robots. Anyways it was a well blend of sci-fi and action and I wanted to see it again. But not for 14 dollars haha.

So I went to Best Buy instead and they were selling it for 9. Which brings us to the whole reason for this posting. I was browsing around and found the Invader Zim boxset for under 20 dollars brand new. It's the entire series that they released before but not in a toy replica of his house hence the really cheap price. So yeah, I bought that too haha. I've watched the first disc so far and I always laugh at how the characters were designed and they're facial expressions and emotions are great. So I thought it would be cool to draw The Jsquad in the style of Invader Zim. So I definitely plan on coloring these fancy like!

Starting at the top left and going clockwise: Jacy, Me, Willis, Eric, and Jeff (with his fancy remote gadget.)

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