Saturday, July 07, 2007

More then meets the egh...

So, On word of mouth about how good Transformers really is, I saw it with my friend Janeen last night. It was ok. NOT GREAT. OK. The special FX were amazing and insanely well done. HOWEVER the story was kinda cheesy and some of the action was TOO in your face. I know everyone's been praising Michael Bay because he was "the guy" for the job. But he could've backed the shit up so we can actually see whats going on. Am I the only one who thought The Island was a good movie? I think it's one of his better and more overlooked movies. The action and pacing in that are just as good and there aren't giant robots and stuff to mess things up. AND the robots don't fuck up your garden and say "my bad". What kind of super intelligent robot tech species goes around and says "my bad"? ANYYYYWAYYYYYYYYYYYS I wasn't a big fan of Transformers growing up and I'm not that into to cars so probably thats why it didn't appeal to me. Except for the whole Megan Fox showing up and showing off her....let's just say I got a transforming action in my pants. hahaha.

KUDOs to Shia LeBouf for his portrayal as Sam, the spunky, hormone driven, witty hero. And Megan Fox....I LOVE YOU hahahaha. I think those two were the most entertaining in the whole movie.

So all in all it was ok...didn't really make me "ZOMG" or whatever the fuck people say now a days. Definitely worth seeing....I think the one time might be enough for me. But I'm going to go see it today with some more family. Soooooo maybe just the two times. WHO'S UP FOR MORE JOHN MCCLANE?! And when is the new TMNT movie coming out on DVD?

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