Monday, July 09, 2007

Mhhhhmmmmm Tempura....

Ok. This post is about a dream I had a couple of weeks ago. So I don't totally remember all of it BUT I do have details that I remember vividly so here we go...'member this is JUST A DREAM.

Well, before I get into all of this, I have to mention Special Dark from AllThingsChill . He is a friend of my cousin, Jason whom I've met a couple of times when I used to live up in Schaumburg while I was in school. He's a Culinary Specialist, Online Journalist, and Mobile/Club DJ out in Cali. So, with that being said, Special Dark was in my dream a couple of weeks ago. WEIRD I KNOW. I think it's because he is a chef and well this dream is about making food.

So in my dream, I'm sitting at the kitchen table in my aunt's house and my parents are there and so is my aunt and uncle. And it's really late at night and they asked me if I had eaten already. I say I haven't and they offer me some chow mein that they pulled out of a microwave or something. But, my dad takes a look at the clock and realizes it's midnight and he immediately takes back the plate I'm about to dig into and says, "It's 12am no eating after's late."

So I was all like wtf man. And I head into my grandmother's room but it's not my grandmother's room in my dream. It's a stairway and I go up the stairs and who do I see hanging out up there. It's Special Dark. Now at this point in my dream it gets a little more bizarre because I'm all mad about not eating the chow mein and he's dressed up in full on chef gear and asks me whats up. I say that I'm hungry and he says that we'll make some tempura. So it's kind of like a cooking segment that they would show on The Tonight Show because I magically get into like an "assistant to the chef" (hah I love The Office) type of outfit.

Now, we proceed to make tempura and basically the end product is (ok this is where it's REALLY WEIRD) a giant bowl of the Velveeta Shells and it's like smothered in adobo sauce. You don't know what Adobo is, it's bascially a dish made with pork or chicken with soy sauce, crushed garlic, vinegar, bay leaf, and black peppercorns.

Now this is a dream and this is NOT what Tempura is. It's a Japanese deep fried batter dipped seafood with veggies. AND I'm not saying that Special Dark doesn't know how to make Tempura because this is all a dream and I've seen some of his cooking videos on his site and he's really good. So if Special Dark is reading this I have no idea why you made this dish in my dream. HAHA

So now, I'm eating this giant bowl of shells and adobo sauce and ENJOYING it when in reality that sounds kind of gross and I would probably vomit.

Then like right after as I'm shoving this dish into my mouth, he says to me that he has to check to see if these Snes games he bought at a videogame store works on my super nintendo. So the final image in my dream was like me eating nasty shells in adobo sauce and he's playing like Battle Toads and Double Dragon.

So I told some of my family members this and they pretty much laughed their heads off and it's been kind of a running joke for the past couple weeks.

Stuff like "jay you want some tempura?" or "mhhhhhmmmmm tempura". So at the end of every sketchbook I go through, I like to post the last page on my deviant but I decided to make the last page dedicated to this funny and bizarre dream I had. I also put up some pictures courtesy of The first one after my drawing is chicken adobo and the second is tempura. As you can see..NO VELVEETA SHELLS WHATSOEVER.

I also posted a phone pic Lanie sent me after I told her about my dream with a text that said "hmmmm tempura".

So yeah....I don't know it was weird and funny. BLAH enough talky talky more picture showy showy.

~ j.ay

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