Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Late night

Update: Taking a look at my Walken sketch...he kinda looks like a granny. HAHA Oh well solid effort *slaps ass.

3.19am as I start this post...late night indeed. Ha remember Funaki the wrestler who always said "INDEED". Good shit.

So the other night, I caught a really late night episode of Conan O'Brien where his guest was Chris Walken. It was a really funny interview. I opened up the ole' sketchbook and sketched myself some Conan and Walken headshots in between commercials. I think they turned out pretty nice.

Quick play by play on my Tuesday

Woke up around noon o' clock.

Everyday Italian @ 12:30.

In the garage pasting together a glow in the dark solar system until about 3:30 (You'll see in due time)

Shower til 4.

Out the door making my way to Schaumburg. 4:20 (heh)

Mickey D's linner (lunch + dinner) @ 5:30

Borders @ 6.

Jacy and Eric arive 6:10

Work on the comic book til about 9:00 which felt really good because we wrapped up another issue and I got another page done! WHOOOT!

Bump into Jeff and Serena on the way out. They were looking for Monster Squad on dvd.

Home closer to 10.

Uploading artwork @ 3:32am.


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